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Our Expert Advice On Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Whether your master bedroom is small and awkward or you’re redesigning a tiny spare room, considerate design ideas can help make the most of every inch. From choosing the best materials to planning built-in storage solutions, there are many ways to ensure your small bedroom is beautiful and functional in equal measure.

Make use of built-in storage solutions

One of the best ways to maximise space in a smaller bedroom is to invest in built-in storage solutions. When you choose built-in storage, you can work with a designer to measure and plan bespoke wardrobes, drawers, bookcases, under-bed storage and over bed storage that suits your needs.

Built-in wall-to-wall wardrobes are ideal for small bedrooms; plan a shallow depth to avoid taking up too much floor space. These tailor-made wardrobes will be perfect for storing clothes and shoes, spare bedding, towels, and more.

Or consider built-in high shelving, which won’t use any floor space and can provide a beautiful area for storing books or folded garments. Positioning your storage solutions higher up is an excellent way to make the most of a smaller bedroom. If you have empty wall space around the head of your bed, choose fitted over-bed wardrobes to hide clothes and accessories.

Choose colours wisely

Bright, light walls are an excellent way to keep small bedrooms feeling spacious. Opt for a neutral colour like white, beige, or cream and stick to the same shade on all your walls.

If you want to add some colourful personality to a small bedroom, do so with soft furnishings, blinds, or other accessories. Pops of bold primary colours or beautiful forest greens, ocean blues, and sunset shades will be attractive depending on your desired aesthetic.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors are another straightforward way to improve the light in a small bedroom. Hang a large mirror to reflect natural light around your space. You might like to play with different sizes and how many mirrors you place in your small bedroom.

Floor-length options are ideal if you have room, providing a perfect place to try clothes while throwing natural light around the bedroom. If your bedroom can’t handle a floor-length mirror, choose a sizeable head-height alternative, which should work no matter what your area is like.

Mount bedside tables and lights on the wall

Bedside tables and lamps are a helpful addition to any room, but they require a bit of floor space which might not be available. Wall-mounted bedside tables and lamps are an attractive alternative, offering functionality and helping you make the most of your small bedroom.

When you choose a wall-mounted lamp, you can also opt for a smaller mounted bedside table since it won’t be taken up by a large light base. Bedside tables make the space more welcoming for guests or functional for permanent members of your household, offering a convenient surface for drinks, books, and devices.

Neville Johnson small bedroom solutions

Choose Neville Johnson for your small bedroom renovation and let an expert designer plan your space to perfection. Our professional designers will measure your bedroom and work with you to consider the best bespoke storage solutions that suit your wants and needs. Then, our traditional craftsmen create your furniture using high-quality materials, to a finish and colour of your choice.

Request your free design visit today, or order a free brochure online for more inspiration.