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Re-designing Bedrooms of the World’s Most Iconic Figures with a Modern Twist

Throughout the years, the world has been graced with many legends. Be it music, art, fashion or literature, there are people who have left a legacy that still inspires most today.

We’re fascinated with how these iconic figures lived and wonder what it would be like if they were around today.

Using our expertise in design, as well as key style attributes and facts about the homes they once lived in, here at Neville Johnson we have re-designed the bedrooms of some of the world’s most iconic figures, giving them a modern flare.

Jimi Hendrix

Here we have a bohemian bedroom inspired by the music legend, Jimi Hendrix.

This iconic figure was not only known for his music but also his fashion style. Typical of the bohemian interior trend, Jimi loved to mix textures, colours and patterns in his clothing which can also be seen in the London flat where he once lived.

To design Jimi’s modern boho abode we have incorporated styling that is quintessential of this trend by clashing prints, layering textures, mixing shapes, combing multiple colours, adding fringing, and including furniture that is lower to the ground.

Jimi’s fashion was also known for its gender fluidity which we have incorporated into our design by using both feminine and masculine colours. We believe the result is a beautiful room perfect for any gender in the 21st century.

Coco Chanel

Known to rarely be seen wearing anything other than black and white, to this day, Coco Chanel is known for her luxurious style and this bedroom, with its black surfaces, clean lines and plush textures, certainly mirrors that style.

The French designer spent most of her days in the apartment above the Paris Chanel store, but it was actually the Ritz where the designer rested her head at night. As a nod to this, notice the high ceilings and intricate panelling on the walls that is a key trend today as well as being quintessential of 1920s French interior design.

Also, spot the flower-etched screen which has been placed in front of a door. This is a nod to Coco Chanel’s interior trick which involved using the screen to hide the exit in hope of making her most loved guests forget to leave.

William Shakespeare

Born in Stratford Upon Avon in the 16th Century, little is known about the exact life of literature legend William Shakespeare. However, what we do know is that in the 16th century wood was a commonly used material when building, furnishing, and decorating a home.

Taking inspiration from wooden materials and the home in Stratford Upon Avon, which is believed to be Shakespeare’s birthplace, we have designed a contemporary bedroom using plush wooden flooring, wooden beams and ceiling, as well as an opulent wooden bed frame and chandelier.

Can you spot the nod to his iconic plays amongst the books which we imagine would have inspired his next works?

Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist and feminist icon, Frida Kahlo was infamous in the 20th century for her extensive use of bold, primary colours in her art. This can also be seen at the home in Mexico which she once lived where the walls are painted using bright blues, greens and yellows.

To add our modern twist, we have used the interior design trend called colour blocking. This technique involves pairing two or more bold colours together which we incorporated by splashing colour on the walls, bedding and floor cushions.

Also well known for her self-portraits, we have included an antique mirror wall as an easy way for Frida to continue creating her artistic masterpieces.

Queen Elizabeth 1

It was in the 16th century that Queen Elizabeth I was born and crowned the Queen of England.

Like Shakespeare’s home, Elizabethan interior design included extensive use of wooden paneling, wooden furniture, and wooden floors. However, homes of the wealthy would also have featured ornate ceiling moldings, tapestries and opulent four-poster beds with sumptuous bedsheets made from luxurious fabrics.

To add our modern take on this Elizabethan bedroom we have included bold colours and patterns in our wallpaper as well as beautifully intricate coving across the ceiling and walls which would be the envy of any interior design guru today.

Whilst admiring our opulent golden frames with contemporary art, did you notice the wig used by the Matriarch herself?

Here at Neville Johnson we are specialists in bedroom furniture and staircase renovations, and we pride ourselves on both our design skills and craftmanship.

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