Upgrading your hallway with a bespoke staircase renovation is simple when you choose Neville Johnson. With our tailor-made staircase refurbishment service, we’ll craft a high-quality design that’s entirely unique to your home. Thanks to our luxurious materials and custom design process, you’ll be able to choose a staircase design that’s perfectly suited to your individual style and interior décor.

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Luxury Oak Staircase

Our Luxury Oak Staircase showcases Linea newels and handrails in Natural Oak adorned with our stunning Vienna spindles. Read more...

Glass & Oak Painted Staircase

Painted in Charcoal, this glass and oak staircase combines cosy hues of deep grey with the warmth of Natural Oak used on the treads, newel caps and handrail. Read more...

Bespoke Metal Staircase Design

This bespoke metal staircase features our exclusive balustrade design, Basso. The elegant pattern flows up the stairway of the home to create a stunning focal point. Read more...

Smoked Oak Staircase

This distinctive staircase combines contemporary glass spindles with a traditional oak design, creating a statement addition to any hallway. Read more...

Glass Balustrade Staircase

Combining natural oak newels and handrails with panels of glass, the balustrade of this staircase lifts the whole room for a bright, breezy, modern feel. Read more...

Painted Glass Staircase

A fine example of how a hallway can define your home, this beautiful painted glass staircase is a sure way to transform the heart of your home. Read more...

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Staircase Ideas

The staircase in your home is often taken for granted and overlooked. However, you’d be surprised how much a bespoke staircase renovation can transform the heart of your home. If your stairs are structurally sound, there is no need to replace them. A simple staircase refurbishment can make a real difference to the value of your property and create a stunning focal point for your home.

With the structure of your staircase as a base, each part is expertly re-defined by hand from your choice of high-quality materials. So you can enjoy a stunning end result. With 35 Years’ experience in designing bespoke interiors, we can assure you a Neville Johnson staircase will transform your hallway into a spectacular space.

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Staircase Refurbishment

Staircase renovations have more impact than you may think when it comes to adding value to your home. Stairs are a crucial element to any home and often the first thing you see when you walk through your front door. Not just used to connect two floors together, staircases can also serve as a focal point in a hallway or an open-plan living space.


Our new staircase designs can be crafted in a selection of high-quality materials and styles. As long as your staircase is structurally intact, our staircase team will be able to upgrade hard components to create an entirely new aesthetic. We can achieve a bespoke look in just a few days, and all without the need for any major building work.


Our staircase renovations always combine quality craftsmanship with a truly personalised approach. From sleek glass staircases to traditional designs made from solid timber, we have so many outstanding options to choose from at Neville Johnson.


Can my old staircase be renovated?

If your existing staircase is structurally sound, there's no reason you can't benefit from a staircase renovation. When you choose Neville Johnson, your stairs can be completely transformed into an entirely new aesthetic within just 48 hours. We'll replace the treads, newel posts, balustrade and banister with hardwood components and materials, meaning you can enjoy new stairs without any building work or planning permission required.

What is included in a Neville Johnson staircase refurbishment?

An expert designer will visit your home to discuss the aesthetic you're looking for. We'll consider the style of your home to ensure your new staircase is a cohesive addition. Our meticulous installation team will replace your newel posts, handrails, base rails and balustrade, meaning a completely new look can be achieved.

Does a new staircase add value?

It's said potential buyers make up their mind within 30 seconds of entering a home. The hallway is typically the first impression, which means a staircase renovation has huge potential to add value to a property. As a significant part of your interior, the stairs and banister can create a real impact when designed and installed to the highest standard. At Neville Johnson, we're proud to be market leaders in staircase renovations. Our designers are experts in creating the best staircase possible for your unique home.

Can the entire staircase be renovated?

An entire staircase can be renovated, as long as it's structurally sound. This is a much easier option than replacing your staircase, which requires building work and sometimes planning permission. Lots can be achieved with a straightforward renovation. When you choose Neville Johnson, our installation team can transform your staircase in less than 2 days, from the first cut to the final polish.

Can I get Neville Johnson services in my location?

Neville Johnson offers a UK-wide service. We have expert design and installation teams located all over the United Kingdom, so there's always an option close to you. To find your nearest designer simply request a consultation and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a time and date that suits you.

Do I need planning permission to refurbish a staircase?

There's no planning permission needed for a staircase refurbishment, as long as your staircase is structurally safe to begin with. At Neville Johnson, you can renovate your staircase with all new materials in less than 48 hours. No mess, no fuss and no building work.

How long does it take to renovate a staircase?

We're proud to promote that Neville Johnson staircase renovations are usually completed within 48 hours. Our designers and client services team will always advise how to best prepare for our installation teams arriving, to ensure your renovation goes smoothly and swiftly.

Do you offer a design consultation service?

At Neville Johnson we offer a free, no obligation design consultation service. Our team of expert designers are located all around the UK, so we can arrange for someone to visit your home at a date and time that suits you.

What materials are your stairs made from?

When designing your staircase, our experts will talk you through our selection of available materials and finishes to find something that suits your home and requirements. From durable hardwoods to laser cut glass and steel, all our staircases and banisters are made with the highest quality materials. We're proud to offer a 10-year guarantee with all our staircase renovations.

What are the options for updating my staircase and banister?

Updating your staircase and banister will have a transformational effect on your hallway. Our designers will take you through the many different options you have. For example if you're looking to brighten up your entryway, glass panels paired with an oak banister will let natural light flood your space, while still offering design contrast.

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