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Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can add valuable flexibility to your home. Whether it’s an occasional guest room or a permanent bedroom for a family member, there’s no reason your smaller space can’t be beautifully functional.

But how do you make the most of the space? Smart storage solutions are key to making the most of small bedrooms. And with many streamlined, aesthetically pleasing options to discover, planning your space has never been simpler. Here we’re looking at a few small bedroom ideas and storage solutions that can easily work in your home.

Planning small bedroom storage to suit your home

The best type of bedroom storage will depend on your household’s needs. Suppose you’re planning for an office and occasional guest room combined. In that case, your storage ideas might be different from those for a permanent sleeping space. As always, your storage solutions should suit your unique wants and requirements. And it should also work with the specific dimensions of your small space. This makes bespoke, space-saving furniture an ideal choice for smaller bedrooms.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are one of the best solutions for making the most of your space, and they can work wonderfully in both small and large bedrooms. The best thing about fitted wardrobes is that they are made bespoke to fit with the exact dimensions and space you’re working with. If your small bedroom is in the attic for example, you can solve the dilemma of how to use your unique alcove space, with a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

When you choose Neville Johnson for your fitted wardrobes, one of our expert designers will visit your home and measure every millimetre of your bedroom. Then, working closely with you, we’ll plan an ideal fitted wardrobe to maximise storage space in your room.

There are many fitted wardrobe solutions to choose from, and lots of high-quality materials and finishes to discover. So, you can create a storage solution to suit your taste and décor, and enjoy space-saving convenience in even the smallest bedroom.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving 

When it comes to designing your small bedroom, you need to maximise the floor space. You don’t want too much bulky furniture creating obstacles and making the room feel overwhelming.

Use floor-to-ceiling shelving to free up the area usually taken up by clunky cabinets or drawers. Shelving which covers an entire wall can be a beautiful way to personalise your bedroom, too. Line yours with books, shoes, accessories, or neatly folded clothes to keep your possessions organised and your bedroom feeling spacious.

 Over-bed storage

Yes, the bed is for sleeping on, and if this is your guest bedroom you’ll want to make sure anyone that stays over has a comfy sleep. But you can also use the bed to your advantage when it comes to storage.

Under-bed storage is a popular solution for small and larger bedrooms, but have you ever considered making the most of the area above your bedframe too? This space is often wasted, but it presents a perfect opportunity for bespoke shelving. An over-bed storage solution will be a beautiful place to store your clothes or office items and means less need for free-standing furniture.

Wall-mounted bedside tables 

A bedside table Is a bedroom essential for those items you want easily on hand. You’ll also want to add a bedside lamp and other decorative pieces in there, to make it a calming and relaxing space.

Yet while bedside tables may be small, they can still take up valuable floor space in an already limited bedroom. Consider wall-mounted bedside tables to keep your floor clear and create a feeling of spaciousness. Wall-mounted bedside tables can easily hold the few things you might prefer to keep by your side. For even more flexible space, choose mounted bedside lights and enjoy the extra room on your table for an ornament or book.

If you’re reimagining and redesigning your small bedroom, it’s so important to choose the right storage solutions to maximise the space and ensure it doesn’t become a dumping ground. Too often small spare bedrooms get packed with seasonal clothes or toys the kids no longer use. Storage is your solution!

Creating storage in a small bedroom might seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. You can unlock the potential of even the smallest room when you choose Neville Johnson to create your bespoke storage solution. Request a free brochure or schedule a free design visit today and get ready to make the most of your space.