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Modern Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Updating your bedroom décor is a wonderful way to breathe life into one of the most essential rooms in your home. Selecting a neutral bedroom design is the perfect way to create a cosy oasis for slumber and relaxation.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so they must be inviting and functional. Adopting a few elegant neutral bedroom ideas is a brilliant way to elevate your space into a bright yet calming room. Get your bedroom design right, and make it somewhere you can’t wait to retreat to at the end of a busy day.

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Neutral colour schemes for bedrooms

You might read neutral tones and instantly picture dull and bland colours. On the contrary, some of the most sophisticated bedroom designs keep it simple with base shades of creamy white, soft grey and warm beige.

A neutral palette can also include various colours inspired by nature, from dusky pink to forest green. Pared-back wood is another brilliant material to add into the mix, whether that’s in your flooring or furnishings.

Layering up your tones will help you achieve a cohesive aesthetic, too. As well as considering neutral bedroom designs that take into account your walls and soft furnishings, you might also want to think about your furniture. Our range of bespoke fitted bedroom furniture can be designed in a wide range of neutral colours and finishes.

Neutral décor ideas for bedrooms

Seamlessly create a serene space for sleeping with some of the following modern neutral bedroom ideas.

Create drama with some clever contrasting

To achieve a neutral look, you don’t need to stick to a clean, light colour palette. Contrasting lighter shades with rich, dark tones like navy, black, red or green in your furnishings, linen or lighting is a brilliant way to inject drama into a bedroom.

Keep it minimal

Clean lines and low-key, earthy tones are the keys to successfully pulling off the minimalist trend. In a bedroom, this couldn’t be easier! Shake things up with some eye-catching lighting, lots of soft furnishings (including a plush padded headboard) and artwork.

Turn your room into a rustic haven

Reclaimed wood, simple furnishings and chic yet homely ornaments are the keys to nailing a more rustic bedroom interior décor. This trend also pairs perfectly with neutral shades, allowing you to step into a cosy, comforting haven that’s inspired by the outside world.

Don’t be afraid to use patterns

Neutrally decorated bedrooms don’t need to be plain. Be bold and introduce a few patterns into the mix, either through your soft furnishings or with some beautiful wallpaper. As long as you stick to the same toned-down colour palette, there’s little risk of your décor looking too busy. Stripes, botanicals and geometrics are all great options. They will help you create a luxurious hotel-like finish in your own home.

If you’ve fallen in love with our neutral bedroom design ideas, why not incorporate this serene trend into your furniture? Browse our complete collection of bespoke bedroom furniture and choose between 60 stunning colours. For more help creating a blissful bedroom, request a free visit from one of our design consultants or order a brochure.