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Choosing the Right Bedroom Colour For Your Home

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, where you start and end each day, wind down, and enjoy much-needed rest and recovery to support your health and happiness. Because it plays such a prominent role in your life, it makes sense to design a bedroom that you love spending time in.

Whether you preserve your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep or spend more extended periods relaxing, reading, and reflecting, the colours you choose can influence its atmosphere. In this guide, we’ll explore some popular bedroom colour ideas to help you design a space that suits your lifestyle down to the ground.


Beige bedrooms are calm and contemporary, aging well with their timeless charm. This classic bedroom colour is also warm and comforting and can make smaller spaces feel airy and more generously sized. A light beige wall paint will contrast subtly with crisp white bed linens. At the same time, traditional wooden furniture will fit perfectly alongside this colour. To add a touch of personality, consider colourful throw pillows or rugs.

Pastel colours

Pastel colours are an excellent design choice in many bedrooms, adding personality and atmosphere while keeping things light and airy. Choose a colour you love, like pale butter yellow, peach, or violet, and paint any combination of your walls and ceiling. If you choose a favourite colour, you’re sure to enjoy spending time in your unique bedroom even more.

Bright white

Another simple yet stunning choice for bedrooms, white walls create a clean, fresh atmosphere that you can’t help but settle into. Ideal for contemporary bedrooms, white is instantly welcoming and energising. This is an excellent choice if you enjoy minimal design or want to avoid adding too much out-there personality to your space.

Light grey

Pale grey walls compliment many other colours, which you can introduce to your bedroom through additional soft furnishings and accessories. Subtle, clean, and calm, pale grey bedrooms are less striking than their bright white counterparts while similarly opening out the space to create a refreshing atmosphere.


There are many green hues to choose from; whether you prefer a warm, rich olive or a soft sage green, this nature-inspired colour is a beautiful way to add atmosphere. Green is at once grounding, calming, and playful. You might prefer to paint a feature wall green if you’re trying to make the most of a smaller space. Alternatively, a green ceiling can complement white or off-white walls and wooden or rattan furniture strikingly.


Blue is an accessible choice for adding colour to your bedroom, with many shades to choose from to suit your taste and design ideas. Pale blue is calm and lighthearted, while an indulgent navy blue can make more extensive bedrooms feel cosy and secluded. Dark colours like navy or marine blue also create a beautiful backdrop for furniture or art. To avoid absorbing too much light in a smaller bedroom, opt for a blue accent wall and keep the rest of the space neutral.

Choosing furniture to compliment your bedroom colour

When you choose bespoke Neville Johnson bedroom furniture, you’ll be offered various materials and finishes to suit your taste. There are over 60 colours to choose from, which means something that works for every home design.

Whether you prefer a traditional varnished wood or a painted alternative, work with our expert designers to select a paint colour and finish that compliment your space. Or start with the colour of your bespoke fitted furniture, planning the rest of your room to suit your innovative new storage solution. Request your free design visit today or order a brochure for more inspiration to help you get started.