Wooden Staircases

A bespoke wooden staircase from Neville Johnson will be hard-wearing, effortlessly versatile and beautifully hand-crafted. Thanks to our wide range of materials, you’ll find an excellent option for any type of home. Allow us to update your hallway with the perfect timber staircase renovation for your space in a choice of high-quality woods such as classic oak or rich walnut. 

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Luxury Oak Staircase

Our Luxury Oak Staircase showcases Linea newels and handrails in Natural Oak adorned with our stunning Vienna spindles. Read more...

Sleek Oak Staircase Design

As with the majority of our staircase renovations, this bespoke oak design was installed in just 48 hours with no mess, no fuss and no building work. Read more...

Painted Wooden Staircase

This beautiful painted staircase features our expertly handcrafted Boston newel post. Read more...

Modern Black Oak Staircase

This remarkable Jacobean oak staircase brings a contemporary flair to the room. Read more...

Elegant Glass Spindle Staircase

If you’re looking for a beautifully seamless staircase, our Mondrian design is an excellent choice. Read more...

Traditional Wooden Staircase

This beautiful traditional wooden staircase is a fine example of the time-honoured craftsmanship that goes into each staircase design. Read more...

Slim Oak Spindle

Our elegant slim oak spindle staircase renovation features evenly-spaced, slim spindles which open up the balustrade. Read more...

Elegant Staircase With Dusted Oak Spindles

Built with high-quality timber and finished in a stunning dusted oak, this elegant staircase underlines how Neville Johnson can completely transform your existing staircase with no fuss or major upheaval. Read more...

Eden Oak Staircase

Introducing a twist on the classic oak staircase, the Eden Oak Staircase will give every hallway a touch of class. Read more...

Oak Staircase Design

This oak staircase with beautiful glass spindles enhances the light in your hallway, helping to create a fresh, spacious feel. Read more...

Traditional Oak Staircase

This traditional oak design brings classic elegance to the home, creating a statement staircase that is a perfect centrepiece for the hallway. Read more...

Cherwell Painted Staircase

Painted staircases can be an elegant addition to any home, regardless of the shape or style of your existing staircase. Read more...

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Why Choose Wooden Stairs?

A timber staircase is an ideal choice if you’re after a durable design and a natural finish that will blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Wooden stairs are effortlessly versatile and can complement any style of décor, no matter if you live in a modern townhouse or a country cottage.


Our tailor-made service means we can refurbish your existing staircase with a bespoke timber staircase that perfectly matches your requirements. You can choose to update your existing wood stairs by replacing the timber components with new elements for a fresh and modernised look. Alternatively, our design team can create a whole new aesthetic by incorporating glass and steel to your wooden staircase. Keep the natural effect of the wood’s surface or choose a painted wood staircase in a colour that matches the rest of your décor.


It couldn’t be easier to customise a wooden staircase either. Our designers can add several stunning finishing touches to your wooden stairs, from twisted spindles to handmade newel posts. Whether you want something ultra-modern, terrifically timeless or a blend of both, we can help you achieve it.

Wooden Staircase FAQs

How will you fit my timber staircase?

At Neville Johnson, we can renovate your staircase in as little as 48 hours. As long as your existing staircase is structurally safe and sound you don’t need planning permission, enabling us to move quickly. All our timber staircases are tailor-made for your home, so to ensure a perfect fit every time, we employ the finest surveyors and installation teams to meticulously measure your staircase.

What are the benefits of a wooden staircase?

A bespoke timber staircase can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your hall and landing. Choosing the right material to match your taste means adding atmosphere and personality that will last many years. There’s no disputing the luxury finish of wooden stairs. Plus, these classic materials are durable and easy to maintain. Pick a traditional or modern hardwood staircase design and enjoy flexibility with your décor. Wood complements all colour schemes, which means your walls and soft furnishings can change with the seasons, while your tailor-made wooden staircase serves as a timeless focal point. Hardwood staircases are an excellent investment that can add value to your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

How do you renovate wooden stairs?

At Neville Johnson, we’re experts in renovating wooden stairs. We use your existing staircase structure as a base, keeping the same configuration but elevating the aesthetic with bespoke materials and finishes. Our experienced designers will visit to help you plan your perfect staircase style. Our expert craftspeople then build your new wooden staircase to your home’s exact measurements. They’ll incorporate elements of wood, glass or steel to your specifications and leave you with a show-stopping bespoke timber staircase that we know you’ll love.

What types of wood does Neville Johnson use for staircase renovations?

At Neville Johnson we use a variety of durable hardwoods including oak, sapele and walnut for our bespoke timber staircase renovations. Oak is strong and dense and is one of the most durable hardwoods used in furniture making. Sapele is hard and heavy with a unique finish, making it a perfect choice for show-stopping wooden stairs. Maple has a fine uniform texture and is one of the most solid hardwoods. Beech contains stunning warm undertones and has a fine, even texture. Walnut is a striking dark hardwood known for its unique colour. Our designers carry samples of all our timber finishes, so you can see how each option fits against your home’s interior.

Can you combine other materials with wooden staircases?

Yes, you can combine other materials with wood stairs. Various high-quality materials can be combined with timber stairs to create beautiful staircases that suit every home. Contemporary glass panels let light flood the space but keep your colour palette neutral. Glass and wood stairs are a stunning, fluid choice that works well in minimal homes. Or you can inject drama with striking risers in our unique finishes. Brushed steel and dark wood combined together create a wonderful ambient atmosphere, while lighter woods are perfect for modern family homes. If you’d prefer an all-wood staircase, select two complementary hardwoods to combine shades and textures.

What is hardwood?

Hardwoods are solid, natural materials sourced from deciduous trees. These trees grow slowly, resulting in denser wood that develops over decades. Hardwood, like oak and walnut, is naturally more durable than softwood, like pine and larch. That’s why we choose the highest-quality hardwood to build our bespoke wooden stairs. Thanks to their luxurious quality and finish, we work exclusively with oak, sapele, walnut and tulip for staircase renovations. Each is unique in its colour and texture, so you can find a shade that complements the rest of your home interior, from existing furniture and flooring to textiles and soft furnishings.

What timber is suitable for staircase hard components?

Oak, sapele, walnut and tulip are among the most favoured hardwoods used in carpentry, furniture making and wooden staircases. These beautiful woods showcase various natural finishes and textures, which means there’s a perfect option to suit every interior style. At Neville Johnson, we choose each of our hardwoods carefully due to the unique characteristics they boast, so you can find the perfect option to suit your home. Whatever timber you choose, we only use the highest quality, durable hardwoods to craft your bespoke timber staircase.

How do you modernise oak staircases?

There are many ways to modernise oak staircases, letting you enjoy the timeless appeal and durability of oak with a modern twist that suits your taste. Traditional oak timber staircases can be updated by replacing old spindles, newel posts and handrails with contemporary alternatives. At Neville Johnson, when it comes to modernising your existing oak staircase you can work with our expert designers to decide what’s best for your space. There’s the potential to introduce modern materials, like glass panels for a minimal and airy finish or brushed steel for an industrial injection. We work alongside you to help you make the best design decisions to create a stunning staircase in your home.

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