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Why You Should Invest in Your Home Rather than Making the Move

Make the move or invest in your home? This is the question many people experience at least once during their time as homeowners.

A lot of us find ourselves scanning property search sites looking for a home with more space, more storage potential or even just for a newer and fresher look. Before committing to the for sale sign in the garden, it’s always worthwhile to explore any home improvement options that may satisfy your needs (and eliminate the undoubtedly added stresses that comes with moving!)

Not only will investing in your home make you treasure your personal space even more, but it will also add value to your home, meaning every penny spent will improve your home’s longevity and sellable potential if that opportunity does arise in the future.

Make more space with the footprint you have

With the ever-growing desire to have more space, homeowners often look at making the move instead of transforming the space they currently occupy.

Whilst the simple option may be to move, we are here to offer you a stress-free solution. The price to move is on average a shocking £8,885, therefore a great way to fulfil the desire of having more space is to invest in the footprint you currently own.

By eliminating excess furniture and swapping it for fitted furniture that fits flush against the walls, your home will feel less cluttered and most importantly, spacious.

Neville Johnson has seen a 104% increase in fitted home office solutions, leading to an increase in orders placed compared to the same time period in 2019. This figure shows that this investment is not only popular and sought after but also a great option.

No room for a home office? No problem

Now more than ever, the reason for moving is due to the need for additional home working space, but why move when you can simply transform part of your home into the required space you need?

We pride ourselves on our innovation, and our bright and spacious library design (below) is a prime example of transforming an area of your home into a multi-purposeful space that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

With its effortlessly stylish look, the design is not only practical but also a space-saving revelation. This compilation comprises an integrated library feature wall, media center, and compact workstation. Therefore, creating the perfect retreat to work, rest and play.

More and more homeowners have realised that space has become the new ‘luxury’, with fitted furniture in spaces becoming a popular option to maximize the area available.

Transform your home’s style, instantly

Sometimes a lick of paint doesn’t do the trick for bringing the love you’ve lost for your house. But a change of style? This will make you think otherwise.

Our designs are bespoke and built to match your existing style or newfound dream vision. With our wide range of designs and expert craftsmanship, the impossible is always possible with Neville Johnson.

From our exquisite modern grey lounge (above), featuring our unique Concrete finish to our country barn and lounge (below) with beautiful open shelving.

Investing in your home and transforming each room will not only guarantee the love you have for your home to be ignited but will also leave onlookers in awe.

Add value to your home

Investing in your home is a great way to ensure that money is not wasted. When homeowners think of moving the question that often arises is: how do I sell my property for its full value?

We recommend investing in your home to help enhance its existing potential whilst also improving its sellability. From adding a beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobe room to converting an under-utilised space into a dedicated home working area, there are many ways and options on how to increase your home’s selling price.

Our talented designers have years of experience designing custom furniture solutions and innovative staircase renovations. Working with your ideas, likes and dislikes, they can advise on materials, layout, content and many other aspects of design that you may not have considered.

Are you planning on investing in your home? Request a free design consultation and be left inspired and excited for what Neville Johnson can do for you. Save making the move and enjoy the space you have with Neville Johson.