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Why Homeowners are Investing in Fitted Furniture to Add Value to Their Properties

Fitted furniture has become every homeowner’s dream. Not only does it enhance a home’s potential to existing buyers, but it also adds value to your interior’s aesthetic alongside maintaining its sellable potential to future generations.

With Neville Johnson, the possibilities are endless – from bespoke fitted wardrobes to dedicated home office spaces, our designers are experts in maximising your home’s potential.

A Dedicated Home Office Space

With the rise of people working from home, we spoke to Susan Gregory, divisional sales director at Purplebricks, who believes this particular trend is here to stay:

“We have seen a significant increase in people prioritising a home office or study when it comes to searching for their new home and they expect this trend to continue to grow as more people incorporate home working into their lives.”

Bespoke furniture is becoming more sought after for its longevity, but most important its practicality. Turning your home into a haven for relaxation and calmness is more important than ever, especially with home-working becoming the new normal. Researchers have found that a cluttered home environment impedes your ability to focus.

According to property experts, Purplebricks, “creating a dedicated place to work-from-home – whether it’s a separate room, outside office or defined space in a living room or bedroom – will not only be useful for you but will also add value and appeal to potential buyers when you decide the time is right to move on.”

Fitted Wardrobes

Individual and free-standing wardrobes often become out-grown for their space over time. However, fitted wardrobes are custom built to the size and shape of your room. Awkward slopes and high ceilings will be incorporated into your design to ensure every inch of space is maximised.

Seamless wardrobe storage is also a big benefit to potential buyers – it means the available space can entirely be dedicated to creating a relaxing haven, rather than boxy furniture taking up valuable square footage.

Timeless and durable, our fitted wardrobe designs will never lose style but will stand the test of time. Through the use of the finest materials, our furniture solutions not only provide innovative storage but also can be passed down from generation to generation.

Escapism: Home Libraries 

With the majority of us spending our working days at home, it’s important to dedicate a section of space that can be completely detached from work stresses. Home libraries are becoming more popular due to their multi-functional capabilities. You don’t have to stock your shelves with hundreds of books, but a media centre or cosy reading nook can be the perfect place to unwind.

We’ll work with you from start to finish to create truly bespoke designs that will fit your requirements. This means you can select anything you want; from the practical features you need, to the personal finishes you desire.

With our unique colour palette offering, there is something for everyone’s style, whether you are wanting to opt for soft neutral shades or a darker deep tone.

Expert Craftsmanship Every Step Of The Way

Within each and every design, our teams make sure that all furniture is individually crafted and bespoke to maximise every inch of space, no matter how limiting or small an area is.

With the combination of time-honoured traditional artistry, skill and the latest technology, we produce contemporary furniture that is not only bespoke but also suited to busy day-to-day lives.

By refusing to compromise on the quality of our product we have earned our esteemed reputation as market-leaders in the bespoke furniture industry.

We pride ourselves on our millimetre perfect installation and ensure that each piece of furniture is individually made to meet your requirements and vision. Bespoke furniture is here to stay, just ask Purplebricks, it not only provides homes with vital storage solutions but also transforms a home’s overall aesthetic, adding value and style.

What do you love most about fitted furniture?

Book your consultation today and see how Neville Johnson’s bespoke designs could improve the value of your home.