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Sale Now On | Substantial Savings on all Furniture & Staircase Designs

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Fitted Wardrobes

Our fitted wardrobe solutions are custom built to complement your personal taste and the style of your home. We’ll look at the size and shape of your room and maximise every inch of space, so sloping ceilings and other unusual layouts are utilised to create extra storage that will accommodate every item. Our designers see opportunities in a room where others might see challenges, so you can enjoy an intelligent and unique fitted wardrobe design. We have a comprehensive selection of colours and finishes, which means we can create fitted wardrobes that suit the personality of your home.

Our fitted wardrobe solutions are custom built to complement your personal taste and the style of your home. We’ll look at the size and shape of your room and maximise every inch of space, so sloping ceilings and other unusual layouts are utilised to create extra storage that will accommodate every item. Our designers see opportunities in a room where others might see challenges, so you can enjoy an intelligent and unique fitted wardrobe design. We have a comprehensive selection of colours and finishes, which means we can create fitted wardrobes that suit the personality of your home.

Configured to your room & space

Configured to any space

Over 70 different colours

Over 60 different colours

Handcrafted in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK

10 Year guarantee

10 Year guarantee

Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobe

Using a small alcove off the main bedroom, this bespoke walk-in-wardrobe is the ultimate haven for any fashionista. Read more...

Blue Fitted Wardrobes

For this design we’ve chosen our wonderfully dramatic Lithadora paint colour. Read more...

fitted bedroom storage

Boutique Dressing Room

Transcending the boundaries of bedroom storage, this dressing room has everything you could dream of. Read more...

Luxury Fitted Wardrobes

Featuring our Marlow door, inlaid mirrors and hammered honeycomb handles, this modern take on a traditional fitted wardrobe will suit a number of room styles and sizes. Read more...

Bespoke Dressing Room Design

This modern dressing room design features an island with sumptuous seating, hand-built to suit our client’s needs. Read more...

Bespoke Pink Dressing Room

This stunning pink dressing room perfectly exhibits just how bespoke you can go with a Neville Johnson design. Read more...

luxury bedroom furniture

Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Think 30’s art deco era and the opulent cabinetry found in some of the worlds grandest hotels. Read more...

fitted bedrooms

The Henley Bedroom

Featuring opulent, padded doors and headboards combined with the warm, contemporary Anthracite Larch finish. Read more...

Shaker Style Fitted Wardrobes

This contemporary interpretation of the timeless shaker style is perfect for those who prefer a bedroom that’s suited to a modern lifestyle. Read more...

Contemporary Dressing Room

This exquisite example of a shaker style dressing room has storage for everything you could dream of and room for more. Read more...

bespoke wardrobe

White Dressing Room

The Kensington white dressing room is the ultimate in grandeur with extravagant mullions and imposing cornice detailing. Read more...

luxury oak bedroom furniture

Luxury Oak Bedroom Furniture

This luxury oak bedroom furniture is designed to cater for all storage needs whilst looking timeless and elegant. Read more...

Contemporary Willow Bedroom

This stunning contemporary grey bedroom features headboard lighting and overhead storage. Read more...

fitted wardrobe

Pink Fitted Wardrobes

This contemporary take on the traditional wardrobe features our Marlow door, inlaid mirrors and hammered honeycomb handles. Read more...

Walnut Wardrobes

This walnut bedroom furniture has extra tall cabinetry and a ladder to reach those upper storage areas. Read more...

Painted Bedroom Furniture

This painted bedroom furniture is an innovative and stylish solution to everyday storage problems. Read more...

Contemporary Bedroom and Dressing Room

The stunning walk-in wardrobe is elegantly separated from the main bedroom with tinted glass sliding doors. Read more...

Integrated Bedroom Space

This loft conversion is perfect example of how a previously unused space can be transformed into a multi functional area. Read more...

Grey Painted Bedroom

This contemporary bedroom suite can be personalised to fit any colour scheme or room shape. Read more...

Fitted Dressing Room

This luxury fitted dressing room provides the perfect place for you to store your collection of designer handbags and shoes. Read more...

Wardrobe Storage Solution

This innovative dressing room marries an impressive range of storage solutions with tasteful, practical design. Read more...

luxury dressing room

Luxury Dressing Room

This luxury classic dressing room is the pinnacle of elegance. Read more...

walk in wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe

The ultimate in luxury living, this beautiful walk in wardrobe offers a tranquil place to choose your outfits and get ready for the day. Read more...

Help maximise space with fitted wardrobes

If your space is a little unusual, a bespoke fitted wardrobe solution can help eliminate dead space and create a seamless, stylish finish. Discuss your unique space with our designers and let them imagine your personalised storage solution. A sloping ceiling can provide extra wardrobe storage for items you don’t use every day, while high ceilings are often ideal for a floor-to-ceiling fitted solution, maximising every inch of space. We can configure your storage solution to suit you. Book your free, no-obligation design visit today, and let Neville Johnson create your dream fitted wardrobes.

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The Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes

When it comes to creating a bedroom that is brilliantly designed and structured, the benefits of fitted wardrobes are unrivalled. From being fully customisable to maximising space and creating organised storage solutions. Any expert in home design would recommend considering a bespoke wardrobe design that is unique to your style and space.

Maximising Space

Unlike free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes optimise every inch you have available. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit into a bedroom when you choose this seamless style. Our designers can work around awkward corners, sloping ceilings, tricky window sizes, and high ceilings. All it takes is a little imagination, experience, and skill.

Integrated storage

With maximised space comes additional storage. Our fitted wardrobes are designed specifically to suit your needs. From measuring the lengths of your favourite garments, to added tie-racks, shoe rails, and other innovative storage tricks, creating a beautifully organised bedroom has never been simpler.

Fully customisable

Neville Johnson fitted wardrobes are practical and intelligently designed, and our team of experts are here to create solutions that flow seamlessly with your home. You choose the colours, materials, and finishes to ensure a final design that not only suits your requirements but your personal style and taste too.


Why should I choose Neville Johnson for my fitted wardrobes?

With leading UK expert designers, experienced craftsman, and brilliant installation teams, you really can’t go wrong with Neville Johnson fitted wardrobes. We have 35 years of experience within home interior solutions, and we’re incredibly proud of the end-to-end service we’ve perfected over the years.

In the initial consultation, our designers will guide you through ideas and concepts that work for you. Once we’ve agreed on a plan for your fitted wardrobes, and home surveys are complete, we begin making your furniture. Our talented craftsmen use only the finest quality materials in our purpose-built factory, right here in the UK.

When it’s time to install your fitted wardrobes, we never lose sight of the fact that we are working in your home. Our teams always take the utmost care of your property. And our client services team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your Neville Johnson journey.

Fitted Wardrobe Installation

Once you have approved the initial designs for your fitted wardrobe, our surveyor will meticulously measure your room to ensure a millimetre perfect installation. Any sloping or high ceilings, alcoves, or unused spaces can be brought to life and use through our beautiful and imaginative designs.

The precise measurements from the survey stage give us the specifications our craftsmen need, so we can build furniture that fits seamlessly into your home. We use modern technology to draw and cut your furniture with incredible accuracy, resulting in an impeccable installation. Meticulous planning means perfect results, every time.

We understand the trust you place in our installation teams when they visit your home. That’s why, why we always ensure our teams work carefully and respectfully. We guarantee your space will be left tidy, clutter-free, and ready for you to enjoy your brand-new fitted wardrobes.

Fitted Wardrobe Options

Depending on the size of your room, your taste, and your requirements, we can provide you with a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right fitted wardrobes. Whether you’re looking for a neat and tidy storage solution for a smaller space or a grand walk-in dressing room, our designers can create something magnificent.

Browse our brochure and online portfolio for inspiration. But remember, these are just ideas. A Neville Johnson fitted wardrobe can be just what you need it to be. Sliding doors, mirrored exteriors, over-bed storage solutions, and complete walk-in wardrobe designs are a fraction of our offering. Speak to a designer today to find a fitted wardrobe solution that works uniquely for you.

Fitted Wardrobe FAQs

What is a fitted wardrobe?

A fitted wardrobe is a bespoke furniture solution that is custom-built for the exact measurements of your space. Our wardrobes are designed by experts who listen to your specific requirements. We measure exactly what needs to be housed or displayed and make sure that it will all fit, look good and be accessible.

Do fitted wardrobes add value?

Absolutely. A well-designed fitted wardrobe adds functionality and personality to a home, which will stick in the minds of prospective buyers and make your property even more distinctive. Fitted wardrobes maximise storage in ways that freestanding furniture cannot, as it’s built with millimetre precision to the exact space it occupies. We have established an impeccable reputation built on innovative design and quality furniture that lasts. A Neville Johnson fitted wardrobe is sure to add value to your home.

Why are fitted wardrobes better than freestanding?

The main benefit to a fitted wardrobe over a freestanding wardrobe is that fitted wardrobes are designed to fit an exact space within a room. Fitted wardrobes can give you a considerable amount of space for storing clothes, accessories, linen and more. They’re tailored to your specifications, meaning you can maximise every inch of your available space.

How deep do fitted wardrobes need to be?

Typically fitted wardrobes tend to be around 55cm-60cm deep so that a clothes rail and hangers can fit comfortably in them. However, they only need to be as deep, as the deepest item you want to store. Going high up the wall allows you to have more floor space, making your room feel bigger. Installing upper and lower hanging rails means that you can maximise internal storage, keeping your fitted wardrobe as space-efficient as possible.

Can fitted wardrobes work around sloping ceilings?

The beauty of fitted wardrobes is that they can work to any idiosyncrasies of the space. Sloping ceilings and eaves can easily be incorporated into a design, as the wardrobe solution is custom-built to the architecture of your property. Building around sloping ceilings is a great way of ensuring floor space is maximised, as a freestanding wardrobe would not be able to sit flush against the wall like a fitted wardrobe can.

Can fitted wardrobes be built around a corner?

Fitted wardrobes can be built around a corner. In the same way that fitted solutions can work around sloping ceilings, our designers can create a solution that wraps entirely around a room. Going high rather than deep means that when working around a corner, your fitted wardrobes don’t intrude too much on your floor space, or make your room feel cramped.

What locations do Neville Johnson service?

Neville Johnson offers a UK-wide service. We have expert design and installation teams located all over the United Kingdom, so there's always an option close to you. Plus, all our fitted wardrobes are handcrafted in our UK-based factory. To find your nearest designer simply request a consultation and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a time and date that suits you.

How ‘bespoke’ can I make my fitted wardrobes?

When it comes to creating your fitted wardrobes, each piece of the design is individually tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll work with you from start to finish to create truly bespoke solutions that suit your individual needs. This means you can have anything you want, from practical features you need to personal touches you desire. Our designers will work with you to plan the perfect wardrobe space to suit your everyday routine and lifestyle. For example, if you have an extensive shoe collection, then a pull-out storage system or softly lit shoe rack may be a priority for you. If you share with your partner, maybe you want to have separate spaces with storage that’s optimised to specific clothing. Everything we build is beautifully bespoke, so the end result will be as perfectly tailored as the fashion inside it.

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