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Our Expert Advice on How to Add Value to Your Home

Making specific decisions to enhance the space you have is a crucial step in adding value to your home. From productive and dedicated home office solutions to luxurious bespoke dressing rooms, there are many different ways to give your home a new lease of life and make your space effortlessly adaptable for new buyers.

Here’s how you can add value to your home, transform the space you have, and make a remarkable first impression on potential buyers:

1.) Made-To-Measure Furniture 

With ample storage high on every buyer’s wishlist, our made-to-measure furniture adds value both for you today and to your home for any future sale. Combining sophistication and practicality in equal measure, bespoke furniture is individually designed to the needs of each room, fitting seamlessly within the available space.

Neville Johnson fitted furniture isn’t only bespoke, but our expert designers and time-served craftsmen mean that any design we bring to life will serve as a long-lasting investment passed from generation to generation. Built-in wardrobes are a perfect example of how fitted furniture can add value to your home as well as improving the aesthetic. By fitting a storage system, it dedicates more free space for new buyers.

Our boutique bedroom (below) is the perfect example of balancing comfort, style and functionality, resulting in a space which is both luxurious and tranquil.

2.)  A Sociable Space With Open Plan Living

To add value to a home it’s important to tune into what people are looking for, and open-plan living is still a highly sought-after feature for flexible modern family life.

A real ‘wow’ factor for potential buyers, a fresh, airy and modern open plan space offers lots of versatility. As well as providing a large, sociable space for entertaining, the flow of an open plan area feels more natural and inviting than traditionally separated rooms, and it’s especially useful when there are small children to keep an eye on.

Best of all, that flexibility means that using carefully selected dividers like larger furniture items or screens, space can be easily transformed into separate areas that take into account the new trend for ‘multi-functional zones’. Creating these different zones helps to turn an open plan living space into a haven for activity.

With reading nooks, a lounge area and an open kitchen, this is one example of how an open space can be an asset to any home, making it not only increase in value but also attraction.

Clever storage is the key to successful open space living. Here in this stunning open lounge and dining area, our cleverly integrated wall shelving serves a variety of purposes – creating a real focal point to the room and providing plenty of space to display cherished items and hide away clutter. A great example of how an open space can be a hugely attractive asset for any home and is a great investment.

3. ) Stairway To Added Value

Often overlooked when creating plans to renovate the home, the staircase is a key feature.

As stated by Rightmove: “When it comes to home improvements, there is one feature that can add significant value to a property and ensure a lasting first impression… the staircase.”

The space where you create that all-important first impression with home buyers, it offers one of the simplest and most impactful ways to add value. A stunning design in glass, steel or natural timber can transform the heart of your home, creating a sophisticated, airy and modern feel.

Take a look at some of our stunning luxury staircase designs, each of which can be completed in as little as 48 hours with no mess, no fuss and no building work.

4.) The Endless Potential Of A Loft Conversion

Investing in transforming your loft into a usable, living space has huge potential to increase a home’s value – in fact, it’s often seen as one of the best ways to increase a property’s worth.

Whether you choose to create an extra bedroom, a relaxing reading area, a secret cinema or even a workout room, the loft is a key way to add value. And by integrating cleverly planned, made-to-measure furniture, you can maximise storage space in even the trickiest of spaces where even the awkward sloping of the ceiling will not be an issue. Skylights and fitted windows will ensure that the room is bright and airy, making it an attractive and practical space that new home-buyers would not overlook.

Order a brochure today and see how Neville Johnson’s bespoke designs could add real value to your home.