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Why Investing in Neville Johnson Can Add Style, Function & Value to Your Home

When it comes to investing in our homes there are so many things to consider. Whether moving is part of your future plans or not, it’s imperative that any improvement will benefit the style, function and quality of your home. If you can achieve these goals, it’s inevitable that you’ll add value to your property.

Why Choose Neville Johnson?

Contemporary dressing room

At Neville Johnson we understand how to make a statement with fitted furniture. The beauty of bespoke means you’ll create a distinctive solution that will stick in the minds of prospective buyers when you do come to sell – and make your home even more memorable.

What makes Neville Johnson different is that we create furniture that is built to last. We see Neville Johnson pieces looking just as good as when they were fitted 15 to 20 years later’, says Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer.

I’ve had clients say “We didn’t manage to buy the house with the Neville Johnson study – which is why we need you to design one for us here!“’

Contemporary loft office

Our team of time-served craftsmen ensure each piece of furniture is meticulously handmade and expertly finished. We use only the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your bespoke Neville Johnson creation is built to stand the test of time – both stylistically and in terms of durability.

Beautifully timeless bespoke designs are every home-buyer’s dream and investing in Neville Johnson is the perfect way to add significant value to your home.

Increased Longevity

Choosing a premium brand when investing in your home guarantees longevity, as the materials incorporated into every design are carefully selected to ensure the furniture lasts and is crafted to achieve a millimetre perfect fit.

High quality means that the materials are never compromised when designing bespoke furniture. Sturdy and stylish, Neville Johnson’s designs are a worthwhile investment which will increase your home’s aesthetic, as well as its desirability to buyers.

Bespoke and Unique

Luxurious, thoughtfully designed furniture enhances a home’s potential through its ability to make the most out of the space of a room, large or small.

Every piece of furniture made is precisely measured to maximise storage potential, enabling awkward spaces to be utilised rather than disregarded. Multifunctional storage will enrich your lives as well as future owners’ with its multitude of storage options and effortless sophistication.

Hidden home office furniture design

Understandably, the desirability of home offices has rocketed during lockdown and shows no signs of abating. Research conducted by  in July 2020 found that nearly two fifths (39 percent) of workers, some 7.3 million people, have already converted an existing space in their homes into an office during the lockdown, with a similar number planning to make these changes in the next 12 months (38 percent).

Luxury blue lounge

With astounding evidence that a dedicated workspace in the home is a wise investment, the beauty of bespoke also means that your home office can be configured to perfectly suit your space, needs and style.

‘A bespoke study is of course a massive asset to a home these days, and could be said to rival the bedroom that it might be replacing. It is also usually possible to design a study in a way that doesn’t preclude future use as a bedroom, and what teenager doesn’t need a decent desk area in their rooms nowadays?’ – Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer.

When choosing Neville Johnson you can relax safe in the knowledge that, not only are you investing in quality that will stand the test of time and enhance your home’s appeal over the long term, but your design is guaranteed to provide the same level of style and practicality for any future homeowners, as it did for you.

A Worthwhile Investment

It just takes a quick search on property seller sites, such as Rightmove to see that homeowners proudly mention Neville Johnson designs to increase the advertising appeal of their homes.

For those areas of the home that are frequently used and seen, a quality and bespoke design is a very worthwhile investment.

Bright and spacious library

Walking into the home, the first main feature that catches your eye is the staircase, so that’s why investing in a premium brand provides you with the chance to create an exquisite, unique design that not only leaves you in awe but also creates an unforgettable first impression for future buyers.

Beautiful fitted home solutions, handcrafted with care from high quality materials is an investment that adds value for the longer term, but also, of course, results in a stunning design that transforms your home to be enjoyed by you for many years to come.

Book your consultation today and see how Neville Johnson’s bespoke designs could add real value to your home.