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What are Fitted Wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes are a beautiful addition to any bedroom, offering a seamless design and plentiful storage without encroaching on your valuable space. There are many benefits to choosing fitted wardrobes for your home, whether for a master suite, a guest bedroom, or a loft conversion.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re considering fitted wardrobes for your home.

What are fitted wardrobes?

What are fitted wardrobes?

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Just like the name suggests, fitted wardrobes are wardrobes which have been made to measure, even to fit in your small bedroom design ideas. That means they fit perfectly into your available space, maximising storage, and offering a beautiful aesthetic you may prefer to boxy, freestanding alternatives.

There are many options when it comes to what’s inside. You might choose fitted wardrobes with drawers or shelving to store shoes, watches, or ties. If you have lots of gowns or coats, a walk-in wardrobe with tall hanging spaces can be built around your collection.. That means making allowances for the length of your pieces, so your storage space will be tailored to you.

There are fitted wardrobe options to suit every home, no matter your taste or how much space you have available.

How are fitted wardrobes made?

Fitted wardrobes are a bespoke design solution and will be made to fit into your unique space. At Neville Johnson, our fitted wardrobes are handmade in the UK by our traditional craftsmen.

Everything we do is tailored to you, which means our expert designers and traditional craftsmen measuring and building with millimetre-precision, to ensure none of your space goes unused.

Personalising your fitted wardrobes

Personalisation is one of the most exciting things about fitted wardrobes; you can choose the materials that suit your taste and décor. What are fitted wardrobes made from? That will be down to you. Whether you prefer a traditional oak finish, a striking dark veneer, or a fresh white larch, fitted wardrobes can cater to you in every way.

Fitted Wardrobes finished in White Larch

Fitted wardrobes finished in White Larch

The personalisation need not stop with your materials; fitted wardrobes are unique through and through, and you will have lots of options when it comes to choosing a paint colour, too. While many homeowners prefer a classic wood finish, painted fitted wardrobes often work wonderfully. Choose a timeless grey hue or add subtle character with a powder blue or light pistachio shade. For a punchy addition to your space, choose deep red or green, enhancing the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Do fitted wardrobes add value to your home?

Absolutely, fitted wardrobes add value to your home. Choosing a timeless design is an excellent way to maximise your space and aesthetic, and additional storage means your home will be of higher value if you ever decide to sell.

Of course, you cannot take your fitted wardrobes with you if you move to a new house in the future. Still, you will recoup the cost of your investment when you sell. Storage space is a significant plus for prospective buyers; a home with beautiful, fitted wardrobes is more appealing than a similar property without.

If you are considering fitted wardrobes, start your planning process with Neville Johnson. Our expert designers and traditional craftsmen will work with you to create your ideal storage solution. From planning a design that fits your space to selecting materials, paint, and doors you love, we can help guide you through every decision. Request a brochure online, or get in touch about a free design visit today.