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Furniture Colours – Customise Your Fitted Furniture with Unique Colourways

When it comes to bespoke interiors, you really can have what you want. Because there are no standard sizes or colours, you can mix and match finishes to reflect your personality and suit your home.

With so many designs available; each one handcrafted for a millimetre-perfect fit, you’ll enjoy a result that’s unique to you. If you’re inspired by a design that you’ve seen in our showrooms or brochure but want a different finish, door style or colour, you can. Want a dressing room, study, lounge, bedroom, or library; our designers are happy to visit you at home to talk you through all of your options. This initial design visit is free of charge and will demonstrate how bespoke interiors can transform your living space, and could even add value to your home.

colour furniture 1

Bright and Spacious Study

Finishes and Colours to Bring Your Bespoke Furniture to Life

We only use the finest materials; from beautiful veneers to the latest contemporary decor finishes and luxurious paint colours. Because our range of materials and paint colours is so extensive, you’re not restricted to a specific finish for any design. Depending on how experimental you would like to be, you can choose different colours for all of your doors or backboards. You can even mix wood finishes with paint for a stunning effect.

Three Looks One Design

To demonstrate how one design can be used in so many ways, we took one home office and gave it three different finishes. Of course, you could add more doors, have fewer shelves and reposition the desk to suit your space. The possibilities are almost endless and entirely personal to you.

colour furniture 2

1. Create a playful contemporary look with our Roma finish, Dulux’s Heart Wood wall colour and our Aniseed paint colour for the doors.

2. If you want to create a sophisticated muted scheme, opt for our warm Rustic Oak combined with our stylish Dewberry paint colour. This paint colour works wonderfully with a range of accent colours from blues to golds.

3. This luxurious scheme combines our dark Anthracite Larch finish with our Comfrey paint colour, perfect in large open plan spaces.

Choosing the Right Colour for You and Your Home:

The colours you choose to surround yourself with on a daily basis not only reflect your personality, they can have a subtle effect on mood. Neutrals and pastels are considered to be calming, and bold colours are energising and conducive to creativity. However, too many colours can look chaotic and could make a room look smaller and more cluttered than it really is.

Blue: A great colour for rooms where you’ll be relaxing. All shades of blue mix well with many other tones. Pastel blue looks stunning against pure white or pale pink – a beautiful combination for bedrooms and dressing areas. Navy is a great accent colour for bright yellow and also looks striking with white or cool pale grey. Deep blue is a perfect colour choice for bespoke furniture, in libraries and home studies as it is thought to help with concentration and decision-making.

colour furniture 3

Dining Room and Library

Green: Green is the colour of nature. Paler shades look fresh and promote feelings of calm. It’s a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Green looks great with natural finishes such as wood and bamboo, and it looks luxurious when paired with gold.

Yellow: Yellow is the happiest colour on the spectrum; whether it’s a soft, hint of gold or a zingy citrus shade, yellow will lift everyone’s spirits. It’s the colour of wisdom, prosperity and sympathy. Yellow rooms look larger, airy and bright, so it’s a fantastic colour choice for smaller or darker spaces. If you go for yellow, use the brightest shades sparingly or as accent colours. It looks beautiful contrasted with navy or grey.

colour furniture 4

Grey: One of the most versatile colours, grey in all of its hues never goes out of style. In colour psychology, grey is thought to influence perceptions of security, and intelligence making it an excellent colour for living spaces and home offices. Grey is a sophisticated and classic colour choice which works well with silver, darker or paler grey shades, yellow and white.

Ready to take the next step?

Request our brochure full of inspiring ideas, or book your free no-obligation design visit today to explore all of our finishes and colour options.

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