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Tiny Space Transformations – Alcove Shelving Ideas

Whether you live in a newly built house or a period property, chances are there’s an awkward corner perfect for alcove shelving in one or more of the rooms. It could be a recess that’s too small for a cupboard or a feature that may have been useful when the house was first built. Where there’s a recess or quirky space, there’s an opportunity to do something transformational that can bring your whole room to life.

understairs study

Inspired Understairs Study Shelving

Living Area

If you have alcoves in your living area, they can be useful additions to your space. Many homes have recesses at either side of the chimney breast in lounges and dining rooms that can be put to good use. These spaces are perfect for bespoke alcove shelving that’s exclusively crafted for a specific purpose; for example, a handcrafted media unit. You can choose to have your TV on display or hide it behind bespoke Levigo sliding doors, individually made to fit the exact measurements of your alcove.

alcove shelving

Library Alcove Shelving

Hallways, Lounges and Bedrooms

We have designed bespoke alcove shelving that’s made to fit the most oddly shaped recesses and to sit seamlessly against rough and rustic wall finishes. If you have a home with interesting architectural features, they can be the perfect places for showcasing prized possessions and beautiful objects, from lamps and vases to books and pictures. If your alcove has a window or view, consider choosing a bench with baskets or drawers beneath so your nook becomes both seating and storage.

white shelving

Hidden Office

As more and more of us choose to work from home, turning an unwanted alcove into a handy little office space is a great idea. It keeps the rest of your home free for family and leisure, giving you a clearly defined workspace that you can hide away when not in use. With our bespoke home office furniture, specially built alcove shelving for your office peripherals could also add value to your home.

contemporary open plan lounge

Contemporary Open Plan Lounge

Showcase Shelving

Why have a blank space when you can have colour and life? If you have an alcove in a prominent place in your home, you could turn it into a talking point with bespoke alcove shelving with backboards and integrated lighting. Display your favourite piece, whether it’s a sculpture or a fresh floral arrangement. Showcasing your possessions inside a recess means that they’ll be protected too.

Hidden Home Bar

Imagine having your own personalised home bar? You could create it in your office, family area or even a corner of a sizeable hallway. It won’t have to be on display either. It can be a wonderful surprise for family and guests with discreet alcove shelving for your glasses and drinks. Mirrored back panels and strip lighting can also be used– all concealed within bespoke cabinetry. Ideal for unwinding at the end of the working day.

rustic oak study bar

Rustic Oak Study Bar

For more information about inspirational alcove transformations, request our free brochure or book a design visit today.