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Dressing Room Design Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom

A dressing room is a beautiful addition to any bedroom, providing a dedicated space for your clothes and somewhere to get ready each morning. If you have the freedom to build a dressing room in your home, you might be considering a few different design options.

What do I need in a dressing room? 

First and foremost, a dressing room should offer plenty of organised storage for your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Spacious dressing rooms can also provide an excellent area to get ready, which might mean a dressing table for cosmetics or a full-length mirror to try on outfits.

Whether you’re aiming for a luxurious dressing room to prepare for glamorous evenings or a peaceful space to ease into the day, there are many dressing room design ideas to explore.

Bespoke dressing rooms

A dressing room can be an indulgent addition to your home, so why not go the extra mile by choosing bespoke furniture that suits your taste and ideas. A bespoke dressing area will fit perfectly into what space you have available, whether it’s an entire room or a smaller place in an existing bedroom.

When you choose Neville Johnson for your bespoke dressing room, our expert designers will measure your space and garments to ensure everything fits perfectly. We can build storage solutions to keep your precious pieces safe and display any favourites proudly. You might want to include adjustable storage compartments that work around your needs or open shelving to turn your accessories into ornaments. You’ll work with our professionals to choose a style, shade, and finish that works for you, so you can enjoy the dressing room of your dreams without a fuss.

Boutique-style dressing rooms

A French boutique style is ideal for fashion lovers who own lots of gowns, shoes, and accessories. Consider open shelving to display your favourite items, and choose a light finish for your bespoke wooden furniture to keep the tone feminine. Some subtle integrated lighting adds ambience and indulgence, while a fluffy carpet or rug finishes off this style perfectly.

fitted bedroom storage

Contemporary dressing rooms

If your dressing room is a shared space or you want to keep things minimal, consider a contemporary style favouring functionality over form. Include plenty of bespoke storage to house all your garments and accessories, and exude luxury and confidence with sleek hidden shelving and a sophisticated colour palette.

Classic wooden dressing rooms

Suppose wooden furniture is your favourite. In that case, choose a bespoke dressing room crafted from the finest pine, oak, or walnut and enjoy a traditional finish. Wooden dressing rooms can complement either wooden floors or carpeted areas. At the same time, glass-fronted cabinets are an ideal addition to your design.

Choosing built-in wardrobes for your dressing room

Whatever style of dressing room you’ve chosen, built-in wardrobes are a must. Bespoke storage solutions like these help make the most of your space, fitting into awkward angles and nooks to ensure you can store everything you need in a flash.

Ready to plan your dream dressing room? Why not request your free design visit today and take the first step in your renovation journey. Or, order a free brochure online and discover more ideas and inspiration to get started.