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Staircase Ideas: Riser Finishes to Transform Your Staircase

Our statement staircase ideas can give your hallway a whole new lease of life without any messy building work or planning permission. Designed exclusively for the staircase riser, our range of finishes further add to our portfolio of creative concepts.

The riser is the vertical position between each tread. It’s the section that’s missing in open-plan staircases, but it’s the part the eye is drawn to when you approach your staircase, and it’s ripe for decoration. Our designers understand that the tread and the riser can look amazing with contrasting finishes, so we feature two bespoke riser finishes for people who want to add interest to their new staircase. Each option is high quality, hardwearing and perfect for busy environments.

Dusted Oak Inline Glass Staircase

It’s All in the Finish

Our designers will help to inspire stylish staircase ideas and select the best finish for your hallway. Over the past year, we’ve seen an increasing trend for mixed materials in all areas of the home. These include metals, marble, stone and concrete that can look spectacular alongside timber and painted finishes. The desire for a more bespoke look brings the opportunity to create something new and unique.

Each riser finish is versatile, heat and scratch-resistant, light and easy to clean, making all the materials we use perfect for a high-traffic area like your staircase. Creating eye-catching design combinations with contrasting materials on your staircase can be just as powerful as painting your room with contrasting colours. When it comes to unlocking new and original staircase ideas, we’ve seen a lean toward industrial interior design using materials such as polished concrete on walls and floors and rustic décor with timber and brass finishes – popular choices for furniture and lighting. All of these design desires filter through to the staircase.

“We’ve seen an increasing trend for mixed materials in the home. Contrasting timber onto the riser section can give every step a spectacular new look, and a new riser adds a different design element to the space that complements the rest of the staircase.” – Natalie Dunleavy, Creative Development Manager

Take a Look at Our Choice of Innovative Finishes

Condesa Concrete

Toro Bronze

Transform Your Home Without Mess or Fuss

Your staircase is possibly the largest single piece of furniture in your home, so why give it just a practical purpose when it can be an eye-catching work of art? Once you have selected your chosen design, our surveyors will perform a meticulous survey of your hallway to ensure a seamless and fuss-free fit.

We’ll send you the plans for your approval when our surveyor is 100% happy with the measurements and elevations. We are also there to assist you at every stage of the design and build process and to answer any questions you may have.

All of our staircase ideas are built using a combination of time-honoured craftsmanship and the latest technology, right here in our UK workshops. When the time comes to install the finished result, we never lose sight of the fact that we are working in your home, and we pride ourselves on taking care of your property at all times. We can often install your staircase within as little as two days with no fuss or mess, making a staircase transformation one of the most effective ways to redesign your home.

Discover all of our exquisite staircase ideas by requesting a free brochure today.

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