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Open-Plan Staircase Ideas

Open-plan staircases are a popular feature of many homes. When it’s time to transform the existing staircase in your hallway, loft or living space, an open-plan solution opens up many different design options.

With so many materials to choose from, we’re here to help you discover the best open staircase ideas for your home. From light-reflecting glass panels to brighten up the space to minimalist steel stairs, find more bespoke open stair ideas here.

What are the benefits of an open-plan staircase?

Open-plan staircases are a stylish design feature, adding a modern touch to your home. They bring more light into your space, making this structure the perfect base for being innovative and creative with your staircase renovation.

If you love the contemporary look of these staircases, this versatile design works well in most spaces. Open plan staircases will open up any room and create a fluid transition between floors.

Find the perfect materials

First, you need to consider the area where the existing stairs are situated. This is essential to find the best materials to use, ensuring the finished product combines function and style.

Straight staircases

Straight stairs are often found in smaller hallways, and opting for glass stairs brings more light into the space and creates an open-plan feel, even if the space is quite compact. They can also work well in larger rooms, becoming a central design feature. If you’re renovating your loft stairs, consider an open straight stair with glass panels to brighten up the area.

Contemporary staircase designs

Larger spaces could accommodate an impressive open steel staircase or dark oak staircase. To brighten up your staircase and add a contemporary design feature to the room, consider a painted finish in a bold colour. Dark grey or black painted staircases can be paired with glass panels to bring more natural light into your hallway, landing, or living room.

Designing your open plan staircase

At Neville Johnson, we specialise in bespoke staircase renovations in various finishes to suit your home interior, including open wooden stairs, steel staircases and glass-panelled stairs. Our designers will help you discover the best options for your existing interior style. For example, if you live in a period property, open wooden stairs are perfect, combining a traditional and modern aesthetic.

Open oak staircase

Open oak staircases work well in many homes. Light oak will compliment any wooden accents in your home, or opt for dark oak to achieve a striking, modern staircase. The oak tread can be combined with glass panels or spindles where light can flood into the space and add another contemporary element to the design.

Steel open staircases

For an ultra-modern design, choose a steel open staircase. This design is sure to make a statement and become the focal point of your hallway. Bright, open spaces work best with steel staircases, although glass panels or wooden treads can soften the industrial look.

Bespoke open stairs

We’re here to help you transform your existing staircase into a unique design feature. Explore our staircase renovation service or request a free design visit from one of our experts.