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A Guide to Cleaning Your Glass, Wood or Metal Staircase

Your staircase is one of the first things people see when they step inside your home. Keeping it clean can help create a warm welcome for your family and guests and ensure your staircase looks better for longer.

Stairs are also one of the most high-traffic areas in the home, which means they accumulate dust and debris daily. Thankfully, keeping it clean couldn’t be easier. Whether you have a wood, glass or metal staircase, or a combination of different materials in the design, these are our top tips for cleaning your staircase.

Cleaning different staircase materials

Depending on the material of your staircase, you’ll need to use different cleaning products and methods to maintain the surfaces. There are many excellent cleaning solutions, including natural and gentle options to care for high-quality wood, metal and glass staircase materials.

How to clean oak staircases

Oak and wooden staircase materials bring warmth and texture into your home. If you have a wooden staircase, whether the entire thing or only specific elements, clean the wood regularly to remove dust.

Wipe a wooden banister with a clean microfibre cloth or use a spritz of wood cleaner for a more thorough clean. If you have wooden steps, brush them with a soft-bristled hand brush to remove debris from the corners, then mop or wipe each step with a wood-friendly cleaning solution.

How to clean glass staircases

Glass elements are a showstopping addition to any staircase. If your stairs feature glass panels on your stairs, you’ll want to keep them clean and smudge-free to enjoy them to their fullest.

Clean glass staircase panels using a soft cloth and glass cleaning spray to remove fingerprints and dust. The best glass cleaning products leave your surface with a beautiful shine, letting natural light bathe your hallway and landing.

How to clean steel staircases

Like oak and glass, steel staircases demand a purpose-made cleaning product to remove smudges, dust and other marks.

Use a soft cloth to protect your metal staircase’s finish. For a regular spruce-up, wipe your metal banister or spindles with a dry microfibre cloth or fluffy duster. Use a metal cleaning product as instructed if your staircase needs deeper cleaning.

Cleaning the parts of your staircase

Many of our bespoke staircases are made from wood, glass and metal. If your stairs are made from mixed materials, care for each part separately to ensure you get the most out of your design.

What do I need to clean my staircase?

Cleaning your staircase banister and spindles

Whether your staircase features wood, metal or a combination of the two, a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth removes dust and keeps your stairs looking neat. Spray wood or metal cleaning polish onto a cloth for a more thorough cleaning.

If your staircase design incorporates glass panels rather than traditional spindles, use glass cleaning polish and a soft cloth to remove smudges and regain a beautiful shine.

Cleaning wood or metal steps

If your steps are made from wood or metal, you can clean them in no time with the proper equipment and cleaning products. Always start at the top of your staircase and work your way down to avoid brushing dust and debris onto newly-cleaned steps.

Cleaning carpeted steps

Carpeted steps are easiest to clean with a vacuum cleaner, sucking up dust, dirt and debris and fluffing up the threads. You might also want to use a carpet cleaner every couple of months to clean deep into the fibres of your carpet.

  1. Vacuuming each step from top to bottom using a handheld vacuum cleaner attachment for better precision
  2. Repeat using the crevice attachment to get into the corners of each step

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