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A Guide to the Different Types of Stairs

Your hallway is often the first space you’ll see when stepping foot inside; it gives visitors an idea of what to expect from your home, so why not make that an impression of style? Your staircase can be much more than just a functional, structural element, with many breathtaking designs available to add a statement to one of the most used areas in your home.

There are many types of stairs out there, with different solutions working well for various tastes and households. Choosing the right kind of stairs for you means a personal touch for your home, and adds market value should you ever decide to sell.

Renovating your staircase

There’s no need to replace your staircase if the one you have is structurally sound. You should be able to renovate your existing stairs to achieve beautiful results, which means working with what you have when designing your new entryway. A carefully-considered staircase renovation might mean replacing newel posts, handrails, base rails, and spindles, with new parts. Whether you have a small staircase or more room to work with, you’ll have lots of options when it comes to updating the look and feel of your space.

The different types of stairs

Straight staircases are timeless, and often just need a few tweaks to become an impressive feature of your hallway. Still, there are many types of staircases you might consider. Whether you’re updating your existing case or replacing your stairs with a beautiful new design, think about which type will be best for your home.

  1. Straight
  2. Curved
  3. L-shaped
  4. U-shaped
  5. Imperial
  6. Bifurcated


Straight staircases often feature in smaller homes, or larger homes like townhouses with a narrow entryway. Straight staircases feature a linear flight that doesn’t change direction.

Dark In-line Glass Staircase


Curved staircases change direction in a continuous flight. Their sweeping bannister is a striking feature in hallways with this type of stair.

Luxury Steel Staircase Design


L-shaped or quarter-turn staircases are a popular option for larger homes, offering a little more design flexibility than their straight counterparts. These staircases make a 90-degree turn, either left or right, after a small landing.

Opus Steel Staircase


Like an L-shaped staircase, U-shaped stairs simply take another turn, with a landing connecting two parallel flights of stairs.

Beautiful In-line Staircase


An imperial staircase is a staircase with more than one flight separated by landings. This elegant option is a typical feature of mansions and manor houses, separating multiple stories with plenty of space in the hallway below.


Sometimes known as split stairs, bifurcated stairs boast one set of wide steps which splits off into two narrower staircases heading in opposite directions. These two split cases usually reach the same level.

In-line Glass Staircase

Whatever type of staircase you choose, whether you’re renovating your existing hallway or redesigning your entire space, be sure to consider the size and shape you’re working with. When you choose Neville Johnson for your staircase renovation, our expert designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure a finish that works for you. From measuring your space with millimetre-precision to choosing a finish that compliments your taste and lifestyle, you’re guaranteed a staircase you’ll love. Our traditional craftsmen will build your bespoke staircase using high-quality materials for a beautiful finish.

View more hall stairs and landing decorating ideas or if you’re ready to proceed, request your free design visit today. Or request a brochure online for a little more staircase inspiration before you get started.