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Wooden Staircase Design Ideas

Staircases are often the first thing we see when walking into a home. Still, they’re often overlooked when it comes to renovating and redesigning. Of course, a well-designed kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms can make an enormous difference to the feel of your space, but a beautiful staircase can be even more impactful.

It isn’t always necessary to pull down your existing staircase and replace it with a new one. In many cases, a sound staircase structure is a perfect base for all manner of design ideas. The one you choose will depend on your existing staircase’s layout and your personal taste in interior design.

 Design Ideas for Wooden Staircases

There are many different staircase types, including straight, curved, l-shaped, and imperial. Wooden staircases work well when they showcase a high-quality natural grain in a design that suits their space. If you want to get creative with your wooden staircase design, it’s a good idea to focus on the style of your treads and risers – the horizontal and vertical surface of each step – and balustrades, also called bannisters.

Traditional Wooden Stairs

Traditional wooden staircases stretch straight up from the hall to the landing. Choose a type of wood that suits your taste and home, and enjoy both wooden treads and risers all the way up. These staircases work with wooden, glass, or metal railings.

Curved Wooden Stairs

Wood is an ideal choice for a curved staircase design, which changes direction in a continuous flight. Curved stairs are striking and timeless; selecting high-quality wood for this type of staircase helps enhance a hallway even more. Choose wooden railings for a traditional finish, or opt for metal to create a striking design feature.

Choosing Materials for Wooden Staircases

The type of wood you choose for your staircase can significantly influence the look and feel of your finished hallway. Light-toned woods, like timber and oak, create a beautiful, airy feel, while dark-stained oak and walnut can be breathtaking in larger hallways.

All-Wood Staircases

Wooden bannisters compliment these staircases thanks to their seamless continuation of the same colour and texture. Oak, timber, or walnut wood bannisters are a traditional choice, perfect for elegant home designs.

Glass and Wooden Staircases

Sleek glass panelling is an excellent way to modernise a wooden staircase. The beauty of natural wood and glass combined works well no matter what the style of your home.

Metal and Wooden Staircases

For a contemporary take on a wooden staircase, choose steel or brass for your balustrade design. Strong metal spindles can be set into a wooden base, creating an eye-catching finish that ages beautifully. Add integrated lighting to draw even more attention to this unique staircase.

If you need help planning your perfect staircase, request a brochure online and browse our bespoke ideas. Or arrange your free design visit; our professional designers will assess your space and work closely with you to design your dream staircase.