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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Dreaming of a beautiful new bedroom design? Consider a midcentury modern aesthetic for timeless elegance and many opportunities to insert personality. The modernist design movement emphasises function over form. But that doesn’t mean choosing compromising on aesthetics.

Modern bedrooms favour clean lines, sleek statement furniture, and plenty of open space. The modern aesthetic is almost perpetually in-Vogue, making it an ideal choice for a beautiful contemporary bedroom that serves you and your family as it should.

 Function over form

Considering function over form can mean many different things; in this case, you don’t want to compromise on your modern bedroom’s aesthetic appeal. Opt for attractive furniture that also makes the most of your space.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes and shelving are perfect in these bedrooms, letting you use every inch without encroaching on your valuable floor space. Built-in furniture is an excellent way to maximise your bedroom storage, which means enjoying the ultimate functionality of your newly designed space.

When you choose a designer bespoke storage solution, like fitted wardrobes from Neville Johnson, you can enjoy perfectly-planned form in your modern bedroom, too. That means getting the best of both worlds!

Modern bedroom colour schemes 

The typical colour scheme for a modern bedroom design is neutral. That means shades of cream, tan, grey, and white. Some iconic modern designers use touches of primary colours – blue, red, or yellow – as accents. Whether you stick to traditional or incorporate a favourite colour of your own, choose mainly neutrals to achieve the bright, airy feel that typifies modern design.

Mid-century modern design

Mid-century modern is perhaps the most recognised take on this style, which rose to popularity in the 1950s and 60s. Mid-century bedrooms use lots of wood and simple lines and the typical neutral palette seen in all modern bedrooms.

To achieve a mid-century modern finish, include mostly wooden furniture with a natural grain. Natural materials like luxurious oak and walnut can be used for wardrobes and other fitted storage, making the most of your space while ticking plenty of aesthetic boxes.  

Wood-panelled walls are often seen in mid-century modern designs; choose a wooden fitted wardrobe instead to achieve a similar with the significant plus of storage space.

Platform beds

Platform beds frequent modern bedroom design schemes. Choose a simple wooden platform bed to achieve a classic mid-century modern style that’s sure to stand the test of time. You can find many platform beds with built-in storage underneath, which means it’s easy to make the most of your space when you design your bedroom in the modern style.

Modern bedroom furniture from Neville Johnson

For a choice of high-quality materials and many finishes, discover Neville Johnson bespoke furniture. Our expert designers will work with you to plan a storage solution that fits into every inch of your space. Then, traditional craftsmen hand-you’re your furniture to suit the specifications of your home. Get further inspiration from our bedroom design ideas and request your free design visit today, or order a brochure online for more design inspiration.