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Inspired by Italy: Our latest luxury living space

Known for high-end style in all aspects of aesthetics, it’s no secret that the Italians lead the way in luxury design. At Neville Johnson we’re constantly striving to bring that premium feel to all of our client’s homes. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends showcased at any Milan design show, we’re delighted to showcase our latest living room space.

Our designer has fashioned warm dark woods with industrial black steel doors to create a contemporary space that can never go out of style. While we can all agree this living room is visually stunning, it features a plethora of functional storage and practicality, which will truly enhance our client’s lifestyle in the home.

Look closely at our imagery, and you’ll see extra-tall and extra-wide units designed to accommodate all of their possessions and ensure the asymmetric design is a unique focal point of the home.

We’ve used our stunning Taranto doors, which blend black metal frames with tinted glass, a fabulous juxtaposition against the deep and warm tones of the wood used above. The doors have been incorporated to hide away any messy wires from the media unit while also storing books and vinyl records that can be accessed at a moment’s notice if needed.

Look closely again, and you’ll find an integrated bar area built around a conveniently placed wine fridge with bespoke wine storage right next door. Our clients (who love to host) wanted an area where they could entertain at the weekends and wind down during the week.

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