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Our Taranto Collection… Taking bedroom furniture to a whole new level

Could this be our most stunning design yet? At Neville Johnson, we’ve elevated our approach to bedroom furniture with our latest dressing room design. We’re thrilled to introduce the centrepiece of this exquisite space: the Taranto door. This aluminium-framed glass door takes our furniture solutions to an avant-garde level, showcasing our commitment to innovation and luxury.

Calling this dressing space simply ‘indulgent’ understates the intricacy, thought, and design specifications woven into this solution. It boasts seven layers of floor-to-ceiling storage, bespoke hanging spaces, and custom-made drawers for shoes, jewelry, ties, hats, and much more.

However, this luxury dressing room is more than just a storage space; it reflects our client’s lifestyle and personality. The client wanted to create a space as they had never seen before, and to achieve their goal, they needed a brand with a plethora of design expertise, unlimited choices of materials, textures, colours, and cutting-edge solutions to really epitomise their needs and lifestyle.

We introduced our Taranto door to offer a modern and innovative option for those seeking a contemporary look for their home. With sleek aluminium framing and pristine glass panels, they blend modernity with perpetuity to any design.

Our client did not want a room with wall-to-wall wardrobes or closed-off storage where nothing was visible. They also didn’t want a combination of closed and open storage, which felt dated and mainstream to them. They wanted something that completely elevated their home, where visitors would walk in and find themselves astonished. A place where their collection of designer handbags could be exhibited under soft, glowy lighting, their shoes could be perfectly accessible and hat boxes neatly stored away.

The room truly feels like a dedicated museum to our client’s most prized possessions, where they can access everything with moments. But the colours, textures, lighting and whole aesthetic of the space epitomises their lifestyle and makes getting dressed in the morning, the most exciting part of the day.

Download our Taranto door mini brochure today by requesting a brochure here.