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Bedroom Design Ideas

Good bedroom design offers more than aesthetic; sleep is one of the most fundamental ways to care for ourselves. Creating a serene and relaxing environment is an excellent way to improve sleep quality, whether it’s for you, your family, or guests in your home.

Different bedrooms call for various design ideas. Suppose you’re planning a master bedroom renovation. In that case, you can draw on your own taste and personality to create a space that you love spending time in. If you’re planning a guest bedroom, you might prefer to keep things neutral, suitable for whoever might pass through. Children’s bedrooms suit colour and creative design touches, with different zones for them to enjoy.

Modern bedroom design 

Mid-century modern design remains as popular now as it was in the 1950s. Don’t confuse this with contemporary design, which refers to any new style, making it ever-changing.

Modern bedroom design means minimalism and clean lines. No clutter or fuss makes this aesthetic ideally suited to bedrooms, evoking calm and creating a perfect space to rest.

To design a modern bedroom colour scheme, favour neutrals and – if you like – sparing pops of bold to add personality. If you do want to include colour in your modern bedroom design, do so with artwork, rugs, or a piece of occasional furniture.

Simple bedroom design

Many prefer to sleep in a simple bedroom – an unfussy environment to focus on rest and rejuvenation. If this appeals to you, you might want to avoid overcrowding your space with furniture. Choose a neutral colour for the walls and ceiling, and use bespoke storage solutions, like wall-to-wall wardrobes, to make the most of your room without encroaching on floor space.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes let you store clothes, shoes, and linens, then close the doors and forget they’re there. When you make the most of your space with bespoke storage like built-in wardrobes and alcove shelving, you can enjoy simplicity and functionality from your bedrooms.

Rustic bedroom design

Rustic bedroom designs are cosy and inviting, working beautifully if this style fits into the rest of your home. This classic bedroom style invites wooden furniture and lots of textures. Lay a large rug underneath the bed, and consider unpainted wooden flooring if it’s an option in your home.

Thoughtfully placed lighting can make a rustic bedroom design feel even cosier. Bespoke spotlit shelving and a charming traditional chandelier are work wonderfully with this style.

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