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Grey Staircase Ideas for Contemporary Spaces

Compared to natural wood, a grey staircase can add a contemporary feel to your home’s interior. Grey is an increasingly popular choice, as it complements almost all colour palettes, from muted neutrals to bold pops of colour.

If you’re considering a staircase refurbishment for your home, you can update your existing stairs to create a modern looking staircase that creates a real wow factor as soon as people step through your front door. So, whether you’re looking for a deep grey to create a dramatic statement or a subtle hint of pale greys, these are some of the best grey staircase ideas to create a new focal point in your home.

Grey painted stairs

Wooden staircases don’t have to look dated and traditional; they can work well in modern properties. If you’re updating your existing wooden stairs, you’ll be amazed what a simple colour refresh can do! Grey painted stairs instantly create a dramatic, modern and sophisticated look.

If you’re considering transforming your stairs with painted banisters, handrails or risers and treads, at Neville Johnson you can choose from over 60 colours. We know we can help you find the perfect shade.

Dark grey stairs

Dark grey painted stairs make a striking feature in any hallway, especially when paired with unique balustrade designs in wood, glass or steel. You could also opt for a dark grey wood finish for a more natural appearance. Our Opus staircase below showcases our Concrete Condesa Décor finish on the treads; a wonderfully contemporary and bold design for those looking for something more dramatic!

Light grey stairs

Light grey staircases are perfect for narrow hallways with less natural light, keeping your space bright and airy. Glass panels or steel balustrades can add a modern touch and let more light into your home. This painted staircase features a very light neutral grey to complement the use of natural oak on the base rail, hand rail and newel post.

Complementary colours for grey stairs

To create a contemporary space in your home, your grey staircase isn’t the only hue, shade or tone you need to think about. The rest of your space needs to work around it and work with it.

So, once you’ve settled on the perfect shade for your new grey staircase, consider complementary colours for the rest of the space. You can achieve a harmonious design by matching your staircase panelling to the grey wooden bannisters. Or you can let the stairs really do the talking by pairing them with clean, white walls.

By introducing dark grey or black accents within your flooring, upholstery, wallpaper and staircase panelling, you can complement your grey staircase without overpowering the space. And it doesn’t need to all be dark to achieve a modern aesthetic. If you’ve chosen light grey stairs, why not bring some colour into your hallway with other bold tones like green, blue or pink?

Before you update your stairs with new grey shades, compare different colours to see how they complement and work with each other. Once you’re happy with your colour scheme, you can start creating your new contemporary space.

Modern grey staircase designs

Colour aside, how can you design your staircase to create a contemporary look in your home? A great place to start is by pairing two contrasting textures or materials in your staircase design. This can help achieve an ultra-modern aesthetic. You can choose from wood, glass and steel, depending on your preference.

Steel staircases

For an industrial feel, consider a steel staircase with glass panels. The subtle hint of grey from the steel will give your space a modern edge, while glass keeps your hallway looking bright as light is encouraged to flow through the panels. 

Alternatively, an entire steel staircase with intricate balustrade designs or symmetrical spindles can be equally stylish and eye-catching. It’s a wonderful industrial aesthetic that really works in modern homes.

Grey wood and glass staircases

If you live in a period property, you can still retain some of your home’s original character and introduce a modern twist. Wood and glass staircases strike a balance between traditional and contemporary, thanks to the contrasting textures of the two materials.

If you have a smaller space, opting for grey wood and glass helps to create an open aesthetic whilst retaining its modern design.

Bespoke staircase renovations from Neville Johnson

At Neville Johnson, we create bespoke, made-to-measure staircases for your home. You can choose your preferred material painted in a perfect shade of grey to complement your interiors. Our expert designers can help you choose a colour that will elevate your hallway. Then, our craftspeople will build your unique staircase and ensure the paint finish is flawless.

View more hall stairs and landing decorating ideas or if you’re ready to proceed, request your free design visit today. Or request a brochure online for a little more staircase inspiration before you get started.