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Stair panelling ideas to frame your hallway

The right stair panelling can transform any hallway or landing into a key design feature within your home. Whatever your aesthetic preference, you’ll find plenty of inspiration by exploring our favourite stair panelling ideas.

Traditional wood panelling helps create fluidity between floors and complements your home’s interior. For a personality-packed take on stair panelling, choose a bold finish. Making the most of bright colours offers a contemporary take on this much-loved style.

Consider colour

Narrow hallways may benefit from the brightening effect of white wooden staircase panelling. Opt for cool-toned neutral colours like light grey, sage green or pale blue to add a little depth.

Larger hallways with lots of natural light can accommodate darker wood or painted panelling. Why not try navy blue, black or forest green to make a bold statement? If full height panelling feels too intense in a dark colour, choose dado panelling instead. Then, paint the wall above your staircase panelling in a contrasting shade to make it really stand out.

Traditional wood panel staircases

Wood panelling is a classic design that works well in many homes. Let it blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home interior by matching your panelling with your staircase’s wooden bannisters.

Alternatively, make the staircase a focal point of your hallway with painted wood panelling. If a natural wood finish doesn’t seem right for your home, neutral colours such as off-whites and greiges can subtly complement wooden accents without being too bold or over-whelming.

Horizontal staircase panelling

Add character to your home with horizontal staircase panelling for a cosy, farmhouse feel. This design can be installed to full or dado height, depending on your preference. Horizontal panelling works well with traditional wooden staircases and modern steel or glass styles.

Modern staircase panelling

Wooden stair panelling can be paired with glass balustrades to brighten your space. This unique staircase design combines traditional and modern features, perfect for corner staircases, darker hallways, mezzanines or basement stairs.

If you have a modern steel staircase with glass panels, full-height wall panelling can balance the industrial feel with traditional period features. Whether you choose wood, steel or glass, staircase risers and spindles can create a unique effect, from symmetrical forms to abstract lattice designs.