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Design Ideas For Your Hallway, Stairs and Landing

Your hallway, stairs, and landing might not be the first areas you consider when redecorating your home. While you probably spend more time in your kitchen, lounge, and bedroom, your property’s entryway is the first thing you’ll see each time you step inside.

Enjoy a beautiful aesthetic and atmosphere every time you come home when you design the space in a way that works for you.

Hallway design ideas

The best hallway designs are both attractive and functional. Since the hall is the last place you’ll be before heading out and the first you see when arriving home, a few essential elements can improve the efficiency of your comings and goings.

Aim for a light and spacious finish

Glass balustrades are an excellent way to let natural light flow through your hallway and make small spaces appear larger. With a bespoke staircase renovation, you can choose between cut string glass panes, intricate glass spindles or anything in between. A beautiful transformation in less than 2 days.

Alternatively choosing light colours for your walls or hanging a mirror can easily create the illusion of more space, a bright hallway is always pleasant when you arrive home.

Include thoughtful storage

If you have space in your hallway – perhaps under the stairs or running along the wall – some built-in storage can make a significant difference. Whether you use it for shoes and coats or your dog walking accessories, some things are best kept close to the door.

When planning your hallway storage, it’s a good idea to choose a concealed or streamlined option that doesn’t encroach on your floor or wall space. An open, airy hallway is always something to aim for, so get smart with your storage solutions to tick both boxes. Bespoke soloutions can be an ideal investment, making use of every inch of your space and offering a streamlined aesthetic. Built-in storage can also utilise awkward angles and alcoves in your hallway, so you can enjoy an area that works just for you.

Don’t replace, renovate

Perhaps you can overhaul the look of your staircase with a lick of paint and the addition of a new gallery wall? Or maybe you’re thinking about a complete staircase renovation? The latter gives you more opportunities to be creative and can be completed in just a couple of days when you choose Neville Johnson. When you opt to renovate, rather than replace, you won’t need to pull your existing staircase apart and can make the most of the structure that’s already in place.

A Neville Johnson bespoke staircase design makes the most of your unique space. Perhaps you’re dreaming of a timeless glass and oak staircase or a striking dark wood and metal design? Whatever your preference, our expert designers and traditional craftsmen will work with you to create your dream staircase.

Landing design ideas

When planning a landing design, it’s a good idea to stick with the tone of your downstairs hallway and staircase to create a sense of flow throughout your home. With this in mind, maintain the same colour palette for a stylish hall, stairs, and landing design.

Maximise space with built-in solutions

Like downstairs, you should aim to maximise space on your landing. Well-considered storage solutions are ideal here and can house spare linens, towels, or other upstairs items that aren’t always used. If you have space, your landing is also an ideal place for a sleek home office. Work this around a window if possible for maximum light in your workspace.

Ready to renovate your hall, stairs, and landing? Why not request a free brochure for extra design inspiration before you get started? Then, book your free design visit with an expert from Neville Johnson and prepare to plan your ideal entryway.