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Design The Perfect Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe With These 6 Tips From Our Experts

Where to begin when planning the perfect luxury walk-in wardrobe? 

Your closet may be one of the most essential and functional elements of your home, but it can also undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful. 

Topping many a homeowners’ wishlist, the ideal design will house your collection of clothes, shoes and accessories neatly and comfortably, with an intelligent use of space that maximises every inch and leaves room to grow.

And, with the power to set your morning mood for the day ahead, it should be designed with luxurious looks that delight the senses! 

That’s why we’re here to give you the best advice on creating your dream dressing room, with the help of our expert designers.

How much space do I need for a walk-in wardrobe?

While a dressing room makes use of an entire room, you can fulfil your walk-in wardrobe dreams in a far smaller space – especially if you choose a bespoke design that makes the most of every available inch.

Generally, a walk-in wardrobe is situated in a small room or cupboard where there is sufficient room to physically enter the space. 

Why choose a bespoke design for my walk-in wardrobe?

As well as being handcrafted to last from top quality materials, our beautiful bespoke designs offer two crucial benefits.

Choosing custom-designed furniture allows you to make the most of every inch, with a made-to-measure solution that fits your space like a glove, no matter how awkward it may be.

It also offers you creative free rein, with guidance throughout from one of our talented experts, so your dream design is a perfect reflection of your style.

A fine example of what can be achieved in a restricted space, the stunning, immersive walk-in experience we designed for stylist, author and fashion icon Erica Davies transformed a small room off the master bedroom suite.

“The big advantage of bespoke furniture is of course that it can fill the space and cope with any idiosyncrasies.”

Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer – Neville Johnson

Here, the versatility of our bespoke design service was key.

“I just really wanted to maximise the space, and I knew I wouldn’t achieve that with anything free-standing or even just by hanging some rails up,” explains Erica.

“We counted and measured every item I wanted to store so we knew everything would fit! The solution features closed drawers for jewellery and sunglasses, as well as shoe storage, bespoke hanging rails and open shelving for grab-and-go items like jumpers and tees,” Erica continues.

“I couldn’t be more delighted! The dressing room is exactly what I wished and asked for. I really love that (Neville Johnson are) not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to embracing colour.”

6 Expert Design Tips for your Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe

So you’ve identified the perfect spot, and you’re ready for the best bit – the planning! 

We asked our design experts to share some interior ideas you can incorporate to elevate your dressing space to new heights of splendour, and they didn’t disappoint…

  1. Think big…

When it comes to eking out the maximum storage from your space, look to your ceiling height.

“It’s amazing how much storage you gain by going high up the wall,” confirms Simon Tcherniak. 

“And, if you make it no deeper than it needs to be, your room will still feel spacious. Your designer can measure exactly what needs to be housed or displayed and make sure that it will all fit, look good and be accessible. 

2. Personalise your storage

You needn’t limit your wardrobe space to hanging rails and standard drawers – designing your own space gives you the chance to configure your closet to suit your collection, look and lifestyle perfectly.

Custom cabinetry can provide a wonderful display space for treasured shoes and bags, made all the more stunning by the addition of integrated lighting.

For a fabulously luxurious touch, boutique-style, soft-close drawers add extra decadence to accessing your jewellery, sunglasses and accessories.

And we’re seeing a strong trend for thinking outside the norm when it comes to the overall aesthetic of the design.

“People are asking us to be a lot more creative with designs these days, adding asymmetrical elements, mixing wood grain with solid colours, glass shelves and lighting,” says Simon Tcherniak.

  1. Build in some surprises!

If you have the space, your walk-in wardrobe is a fantastic place to house some surprising design elements that can add an extra layer of opulence to your daily dressing experience.

From intricately patterned wallpaper to a full floral ceiling, the possibilities are endless!

One of our favourite integrations is a built-in vanity unit. The epitome of glamour, vanities are both brilliantly practical and eminently sophisticated – creating a feeling of true pampering in the comfort of your own home.

“I’ve been asked for a lot of built-in vanity units recently,” agrees Simon. 

“Two doors of a wardrobe open to reveal mirrors and lighting, a space for the hairdryer already plugged in and lots of space for bottles and perfumes.”

We love the clever hidden vanity unit shown above in our Henley Bedroom design. Smartly stacked above a set of drawers and softly illuminated from above for picture perfect results, this is a true example of form and function, with practical storage in abundance – even the mirror opening with a gentle push to reveal yet more space behind.

  1. Be brave with colour

Tucked away behind partitions and closed doors, walk-in wardrobes offer a fantastic opportunity to opt for something bolder and more vibrant than its surroundings. 

After all, nothing raises a smile in the morning like entering a space that’s immersed in your favourite happy-making hue!

For the fabulous walk-in wardrobe shown above, the homeowner asked Jennifer Porter, one of our Senior Designers, for a luxurious, cosy retreat – an opulent dressing room with warm lighting where they could unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of city centre living.

“Most importantly, the client was adamant they wanted to veer away from a conventional dressing room with neutral colours,” Jennifer explains.

“Vibrancy was an essential, so we ensured the wardrobes and units were bright and bold. We also used bronze glass, brass downlights and crystal ball handles to add that extra layer of luxurious opulence.

The end result was a truly special design that showcases just how bespoke a Neville Johnson dressing room can be. Both myself and the client were thrilled with the finished solution.”

5. Let there be light

Good lighting is essential for your dream dressing space and, as with all areas of your home, you need to build in different kinds of lighting to create the perfect mood.

Begin with excellent ambient light. If you have a natural light source, make sure you can take full advantage by keeping it clear of clutter and choosing the lightest of dressings for privacy.

When choosing bulbs, it’s better to opt for warmer shades in your walk-in wardrobe. 

These more golden tones are more comforting and relaxing than cool, motivating shades, and better fitting for the serene feel you want in a dressing space.

And don’t forget feature lighting. If you can, incorporate integrated lighting into your build for a seamless statement that will allow you to create a showcase for your favourite pieces, as shown above.

6. Mirror mirror

What walk-in closet would be complete without mirrors? Not only do they ensure you always emerge looking your best, but they also bounce light and amplify a feeling of spaciousness.

When it comes to mirrors, more is more! 

Ideally, your dressing space should boast at least one large mirror, with enough space in front for you to see yourself full-length. 

Further mirrors can be placed to show those more elusive side and back views – if space is at a premium, try hanging a mirror behind the main door, and/or fitting mirrored doors to your cabinetry.

We hope we’ve motivated you to start planning your perfect luxury walk-in wardrobe! 

Why not request a free brochure, and be inspired by more of our beautiful bespoke designs? Click here, and begin your Neville Johnson journey today.