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Trending: Dark Interior Design Schemes

As we yearn for comforting places to escape and with a growing trend for individuality, it’s to no surprise interior designers and homeowners alike are embracing mood-enhancing colours and dramatic dark interior design schemes. We reveal how you can unleash your creativity with dark colours and share this year’s top interior design trends bound to inspire your decor in 2021.

 Blue Fitted Wardrobes

How to Decorate with Dark Colours

1. When choosing a dark interior design scheme, you need to work out the purpose of the space first. How do you want the room to make you feel? And how daring are you willing to go? A sophisticated moody paint palette can easily transform a bedroom or living space. Choose dark colours with warm undertones for these rooms and style with a mix of different textures and luxurious finishes to create the perfect escape. Hard-working areas such as a home office or hallway can benefit from a balanced palette of light and dark. The occasional energetic pop of colour can also promote creativity, happiness and productivity.

2. Before committing to a dark paint palette, you should always test swatches around the room. Natural light affects how we perceive colour. We suggest testing your chosen colours on at least two walls, one near a window and one in a more shaded area of the room. Some paint companies now provide stick-on swatches making it easy to move the testers around the space, gaining a clearer idea of how they will work at different times of day, next to furniture, flooring and door frames. When it comes to artificial light, natural white bulbs always give the most accurate colour representation. For a more intimate feel, use halogen and incandescent bulbs in ambient or accent lighting.

3. When using dark, dramatic colours, it’s important to create contrast and a sense of balance. If you’re painting just one wall or have a run of floor to ceiling furniture in a dark colour, don’t forget to create balance by incorporating darker shades and accents on the opposite side of the room. Moodier colours juxtaposed with lighter shades work wonderfully if you have a smaller space or want to highlight architectural details and prominent features.

2021 Interior Trends That Embrace Moody Hues

Back to Nature

 Contemporary Dressing Room

Biophilic design is set to be a big trend for 2021. Designers across all disciplines are looking to the natural world for inspiration, and top of the list are rich blues and deep greens. These colours with their affiliation to nature encourage moments of stillness and a sense of calm. The darker the colour, the more you’ll achieve an alluring, restful feel, perfect for bedrooms or snugs.

Style Tip:

Metallic accents and opulent textiles can add depth and character to dark interior schemes while lighter details prevent deeper shades from feeling dull and claustrophobic.

Colour of the Year – Ultimate Grey

 Modern Home Office

Ultimate Grey – the colour of the year is a cool neutral shade that helps to provide the perfect backdrop for statement furniture and accessories. If you are creating a defined work zone visible from other rooms, a great tip is to style and paint it in a colour that complements adjacent areas but gives it a point of difference.

Varying shades of grey mixed with neutrals can easily combine to create a home office space that will stand the test of time. In this dual office space, a grey, white and contrasting dark wood scheme allows you to dip your toe into the dark interior design trend whilst providing clear definition and a sophisticated backdrop to work. Mix and match woods, organic decor and earthy colours for a considered, naturally warm look.

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Anthracite Larch


When you work from home, you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your favourite pieces within your workplace. Our client’s selected open storage and floating shelves to add interest to their modern home office and to bring their personalities into their working world. The shelving that they chose was perfect for their collection of books and sculptural pieces adding character to a symmetrical space.

Multipurpose Spaces

 Luxury Blue Lounge

The last year has reinforced the importance of multifunctionality in the home, we’ve seen workspaces pop up in our lounges, home gyms in our dining rooms and quiet reading nooks to escape to in our hallways. Bespoke furniture painted in a bold colour can transform open plan living spaces allowing you to zone areas for different purposes.

This Shaker style lounge perfectly complements the room’s existing features, while also acting as a cosy space to study. Our bespoke paint colour Midnight works wonderfully on both the furniture and walls, creating a seamless flow of storage and decor across one end of the room.

Style Tip:

Move away from multiple shades and focus on one key colour that will give you consistency and amplify the design. By painting furniture, especially larger pieces the same colour as the walls, you can make your room feel more spacious and less full of furniture, ideal if you have a small space.

Modern Industrial

 Fitted Levigo Lounge Furniture

Combine materials for an ultra-contemporary interior. Crisp panels of colour against rustic timber, concrete or metal finishes create a striking, unique interior. Perfect for multi-purpose, hybrid homes. Our colour palette’s base notes are a great place to start when choosing a scheme that reflects your lifestyle. Darker nature-inspired shades also give you the freedom to explore other creative design elements in your space, such as our unique concrete finish. To ensure industrial-looking finishes don’t feel stark in living areas create a scheme with different tonal hues and layers of texture to soften the space.

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