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Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Fans of modern design often dream of the style in all areas of their homes. If you love this ever-popular mid-century aesthetic, you might be considering how to bring modern styling into your living room.

What is modern living room design? 

Modern design, not to be confused with contemporary design, is a style that originated in the middle of the 19th century. Also called mid-century modern, this German-American design movement spans interiors, products, graphic design, and architecture. It’s recognised for clean lines, open spaces, and prioritising function over form.

What’s the difference between modern and contemporary design? Modern design, as mentioned, is a singular style that originated in the 1950s. On the other hand, contemporary design refers to any new styling and upcoming interior trends, rather than a specific style.

Modern living room design ideas 

To create an effortless mid-century modern living room, focus on unfussy furniture, minimalism, and neutral colours.

Modern living room furniture 

Mid-century modern furniture is all about simple silhouettes, natural materials, and functionality over form. Function over form doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look exquisite, only that everything in the space should have a use, with nothing added for decoration alone.

It’s also a good idea to avoid too many colours from the same palette, particularly in your wooden furnishings. Suppose you have a wooden floor in your living room. In that case, you might want to avoid choosing the same finish for your furniture. Combine wooden furnishings with metal and glass to achieve a beautiful modern aesthetic.

How to include storage in a modern living room design

The modern aesthetic favours clean lines and minimal fuss, which means including some considerate storage solutions to conceal your bits and pieces. Bespoke built-in storage can cover an entire wall, taking up very little floor space. Choose built-in storage in a neutral or natural wood finish for a seamless home for blankets, games, files, or anything else you’d like to store in your living room.

While keeping things streamline is the goal, bookcases suit the modern style well. If you have enough literature to fill an extended bookcase, consider adding a built-in library to your living room. Bespoke bookshelves can fit into nooks or cover an entire wall, made-to-measure to fit into your living room perfectly.

Choosing colours for a modern living room

Mid-century modern design prefers neutral colours, like white, grey, and beige. You might like to add flashes of colour by including bright artwork, soft furnishings, or bold occasional furniture. But be careful you don’t overdo it; remember, minimalism is essential when creating a modern living room.

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