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Tips on How to Style Your Own Bespoke Bookshelves

The trend for storage with a dual purpose is growing, and the secret to its success often lies in its bespoke nature. Styling bespoke bookshelves can be tricky when you’re faced with empty space and bare wall panels however creating effortlessly beautiful storage can be easier than you think with our top tips.

When furniture is made precisely to fit and enhance a space it looks seamless. Storage solutions such as bespoke bookshelves and cabinets can be designed to suit your exact needs; to hide away items you don’t want on display and to artfully showcase the things you do want to see. A bespoke library or shelving system can utilise an awkward corner or an alcove and be tailor-made to accommodate the precise height of your books.

Bright Spacious Lounge

Book Styling

If you are an avid collector, bespoke bookshelves can be customised to consider future growth. Individual cubes are great for compartmentalising by subject or author. Have fun with the colour of your books – arrange them by shade or coordinate them with other objects nearby.

Dining Room and Library

Find Your Theme

Open plan shelving is growing in popularity and can look highly decorative in any living space. The key is finding a theme or a focal point to then dress the shelf accordingly. Our designers can help to inspire ideas such as how to position artwork, photographs, pieces of sculpture or trailing plants. Interiors with a natural theme can give your home a sense of calm and serenity, offsetting the proliferation of technology and bringing a taste of the outdoors, inside.

Symmetrical or Random Placement of Objects

When designing your shelves, it’s a good idea to plan what you want to have on them first. An odd number of items with the largest as the centrepiece is easy on the eye as it creates symmetry. Always stand back and look at your display – if it doesn’t look or feel right then it probably isn’t. It’s surprising how some items that you wouldn’t usually place with each other look good when sat together on a shelf; for example a cluster of photographs in different frames or trailing plants and tall candles. Remember, the space between objects is often as important as the arrangement itself – it’s all about getting a sense of balance and proportion.


If you’re placing your shelves or bookcase close to a window is there an opportunity to include seating into the configuration? A bay window could be an excellent place to include a window seat that also doubles as closed storage. A beautiful seating area creates a relaxed ‘zone’ where you can sit and read or simply enjoy the view, surrounded by your favourite things.

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