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How Alcove Shelving Can Maximise Space In Your Home

Making the most of your space means a stylish, clutter-free, and functional home. One way to ensure you’re using every inch is to add bespoke alcove storage to your awkward nooks and crannies.

Alcove storage looks beautiful anywhere. Whether you introduce a built-in bookcase in your office or shelving in your kitchen, there are many ways to make this style work for you. Suppose you already have a tight corner or small recess in one of your walls. You might be wondering what to do with this out-of-use space. Alcove shelving is the answer, and it happens to be one of the most straightforward ways to add a bespoke storage solution to your home.

Alcove bookcases

Alcove bookcases are a firm favourite in stylish and studious households. If you own a substantial book collection, keeping everything together in your home office or living space might seem like a challenge. Conventional bookcases can take up valuable floor space. Alcove alternatives are built into the walls, so your literature can become a part of the room itself. 

Choose a narrow alcove bookshelf in a small recess or add more substantial alcove shelving in the space beside a chimney breast or underneath your stairs. Your bespoke storage will be unique to your home, so take a look around and see where an alcove bookshelf might work.

If you have the space to spare, consider converting an area into a library. Personal libraries are the perfect place to work, read, and relax; there are many designs out there that can fit beautifully into your home.

Alcove shelving in wardrobes

Add alcove shelving to your bespoke clothes storage to create an ideal home for your shoes, bags, and folded garments. The most functional fitted wardrobes combine hanging space with drawers and shelving, and using your alcoves is an excellent way to make the most of your available space.

Alcove shelving can look striking around a bed frame, too, and is a great way to add personality to your space. Suppose you’re planning storage for a loft conversion. In that case, fitted alcove shelving is an attractive way to make use of awkward eaves spaces.

Alcove shelving around a chimney breast

Many homes feature fireplaces and chimney breasts, creating an awkward-shaped room with recesses on either side of the mantle. Why not make the most of this space with some stylish alcove shelving?

Alcove shelves around a chimney breast are ideal for storing books or ornaments, photographs or plants, and they won’t cut into the space or shape of your room. In fact, bringing the walls forward with straight-across alcove shelving is a practical way to make your living area appear balanced and open.

To introduce bespoke alcove shelving in your home, book your free visit with one of our expert designers today. Or order a Neville Johnson brochure online for even more ideas to inspire your interiors.