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How To Inject Colour Into Your Staircase

If you’re planning to decorate your home, your staircase might not be as high on the list as more lived-in rooms like your lounge, kitchen or bedrooms.

Yet your stairwell, though often thought of as a purely functional space, is possibly the most used part of your home – and likely the most seen, especially by visitors.

If your staircase is one of the first things people see when they enter your house, lavishing it with the same time and attention as you do the rest of your rooms will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment guests walk through the door, not to mention setting the tone for how the rest of your home will feel and flow.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to bring your staircase to life is by injecting some colour. 

Read on for our expert tips on how to add a pop of personality to your staircase, stairwell or landing, transforming this formerly overlooked part of your home into a vibrant and vital space.

Go bold on the paint colour

Possibly the simplest and easiest way to make a change, it’s hard to beat the transformative effects of a new coat of paint.

And, with a wider choice of colours and finishes available than ever before, painting your walls and even your stairs is a wonderful way to let your creative flair loose.

But how do you choose the right colour scheme? Don’t think of this space in isolation, say our design experts.

To keep a cohesive feel throughout your home, work in harmony with the rooms which flow off this space. 

And don’t be afraid to go dark if that’s your dream, even if your stairwell is small.

Deep, rich colours bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to your hallway that can actually make your space feel bigger.

One popular trick of interior designers is to colour-drench a small space, going all over floors, walls and even ceilings in a dark hue. By blurring the edges and creating a sense of depth, this tricks the eye into seeing the space as larger than it is.

But, whether your paint plans are bold or subtle, always test your shortlisted colours before you commit. 

Stairwells are usually quite poorly lit, so it’s worth making sure that the hue you’ve fallen for looks as good on your walls as it does in the pictures.

As well as tester pots, many paint companies now offer peel and stick swatches, which are a brilliant way to dip your toe without making a mess.

Use pattern textures to create a statement

For the pattern lovers among us, wallpaper is a wonderful option when it comes to decorating your staircase. With less time spent in them than in other parts of the home, stairwells offer the chance to opt for something more adventurous than you might elsewhere, allowing you to experiment with bigger designs and bolder shades without it becoming overwhelming.

And what a choice awaits. A far cry from the woodchip and anaglypta of the past, today’s wallpapers run the gamut; from the scene-stealing panoramic murals and rich eclecticism of brands like Papermint and Mind the Gap to gorgeous, textured prints and classic stripes.

Not forgetting your floors! More modern than carpet and yet still protective of your stair treads, runners are a fantastic choice to bring pattern and texture to your scheme. Available in endless colours and patterns, from the neutral beauty of textured jute to the contemporary flair of vibrant stripes, there’s something to suit the style of even the most ardent pattern lover.

Find the right light

When it comes to illuminating your stairwell, it’s important to create as much practical light as possible. Make the most of what natural light you have by using mirrors to help bounce the day’s brightness around.

If your stairwell is particularly dark, a glass staircase will help create a more open and spacious feel, while subtle integrated lighting looks stunning inset into the siding of our beautiful bespoke staircases, illuminating the space at any time of day.

As well as good overhead lighting, wall and table lamps not only boost illumination, but also let you add another layer of playful design and colour.

When it comes to your ceiling lights, you’re allowed to think big. After all, with your staircase’s extra height and potential to carry off bolder looks, where better to make a statement? 

An overhead pendant or pendant cluster in a fun colour or fabulous finish makes for a real feature at either the top or bottom of your stairs – or both, if you’re looking to create balance between the two spaces. If you have enough height, why not add some extra maximalist drama with oversized lighting that really emphasises the space and draws the eye?

Renovate your staircase

If your stairs themselves are looking tired and worn, it could be time to give them a whole new look.

Our bespoke staircase renovations have the power to transform your home, breathing new life into your property and even increasing its value.

Our expert designers will work with you to create something that’s uniquely yours, with your choice of colour, finish and materials from our extensive range, before our master craftspeople expertly re-define each part by hand.

A common misconception is that a staircase renovation will be disruptive and messy but, because we use your existing staircase as a base, there’s no need for any plastering, joinery work, building or planning.

In fact, our skilled installation teams can complete the transformation in as little as 48 hours – so you could be enjoying your new look just a couple of days from commencement!

Discover more by requesting your free Neville Johnson brochure 

Dressing your space

With your stairs and stairwell transformed, it’s time to dress your space! Hanging artwork and photographs allows you to really personalise your staircase walls and add colour, flair and a taste of family life in a place where it can be often enjoyed as people move through your home.

Gallery walls remain a firm favourite in interior design circles, but our design experts urge a little consideration before you hammer in your picture hooks.

The five rules of a great gallery wall are:

Finally, don’t miss the chance to bring a touch of nature to your staircase. The lush green of planting lends your space extra calm and balance, whether through artfully placed potted plants or dramatically draping faux greenery that cascades from walls and balustrades!

Have we inspired you to inject some colour into your staircase? We hope so! 
You can find lots more inspiration in our latest brochure – just click this link to request your free copy today.