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Show-stopping or Subtle: Modern Home Bar Ideas for Unused Spaces

can be a beautiful and functional addition to modern and traditional interiors. They’re an eye-catching feature that can elevate how you use your lounge, dining room, kitchen or home office. Our designers can bring your ideas to life, from small home bar ideas in awkward spaces to bespoke bars that make a statement.

If you’re short on space, you might consider adding a bar section to your built-in storage.

Dedicated home bars

If you have plenty of room to work with, a dedicated home bar can be a showstopping feature in an unloved nook or corner. We can create a bespoke home bar to suit your lifestyle and home.

When you choose a bar from Neville Johnson, we’ll configure every element to suit your space. Our bespoke bars can transform unloved rooms or alcoves into elegant living spaces. We can work with you to convert an empty corner of a study, spare room or second reception room into a home bar.

Bespoke home bars tailored to your space

This bespoke home bar features open shelving with mirrored back panels and downlighting, adding ambience to an unused corner of the home. Closed cabinetry can conceal unsightly possessions, while open shelving is ideal for displaying beautiful glassware and prized bottles. When you recreate this feature in your home, you can choose the materials and colours that suit your taste, plus bespoke shelving options that work in your space.

Building home bars into bespoke furniture

Whether you’re short on space or want to get more out of your new bespoke cabinetry, hybrid home bars offer flexibility. With a few shelves for drinks and glassware and others for books, ornaments and photos, your custom-made furniture is designed to work for you.

Rustic oak study with a built-in bar

quality home office furniture

This rustic oak study with a bar is a beautiful example of a flexible home bar. The natural oak and grey panelling combine warmth and modernity perfectly, with plenty of space to work and store books and files. The concealed home bar is complete with mirrored back panels, while strip lighting illuminates the area and ups the atmosphere.

Vinyl record storage with a built-in bar

Wet bars are popular in kitchens, including a sink area where you can prepare drinks and wash used glasses. At Neville Johnson, we can help you design a home bar around any existing sink unit that already has functional plumbing.  

Atmospheric home bar lighting ideas

Once you’re set on the design of your new bar, consider lighting options to make the most of the feature. Proper bar lighting can draw attention to the area and create an atmosphere when you’re entertaining guests. Adding spotlights or under-cabinet lights can also help when preparing perfect drinks.

Spotlights and under-cabinet bar lighting

Spotlights and under-cabinet lights are an excellent choice for bespoke home bars. These perfectly positioned bulbs turn the space into a statement and help you see what you’re doing without brightening the entire room. Choose white bulbs, dimmable spotlights or colour-changing LEDs to add personality to your bar.

Enhancing lighting with mirrors and glass

Mirrors can help you make the most of your lighting by reflecting it around the space. Consider hanging a mirror behind your bar to enhance the atmosphere. Glass cupboard doors let diffused light through and create an authentic bar atmosphere. See our classic library lounge design for inspiration.

Ready to build your dream home bar? Book your free design visit today to discover how we can elevate your space. Or order a brochure for more inspiration before getting started.