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Steel Staircases The New Architectural Must-Have!

If you’re looking for a subtle, elegant and versatile material for your staircase renovation, steel is a perfect choice.

Just as it can be used to create drama in your hallway, steel’s matchless flexibility means it is equally at home in a more refined design.

When used in a quiet, simple way, steel brings a finely balanced flair that works in harmony with the architectural features of your home, whether you choose a contemporary style or one that nestles into your period property as if it’s always been there.

And, even when used in the most delicate designs, steel maintains its inherent durability, strength and ease of maintenance for a long-lasting beauty that will stand the tests of time and traffic.

It’s no wonder that steel staircases have fast become a firm favourite of homeowners and interiors experts – the new architectural must-have for your home!

Here we take a look at 4 key reasons why the subtlety of steel could be the ideal choice for your home.

Choosing steel… for a soft, yet contemporary flair

You might not immediately associate the words “organic” or “flow” with steel, but don’t be misled by its rugged reputation!

Steel can be bent, shaped and curved, creating evocative, elemental shapes that lend a natural delicacy and softness to your staircase design.

And, for a stunning contemporary twist, why not choose a lighter tone from our wide range?

Our powder-coated finishes range from mellow gold through warm copper and antiqued brass to deeper shades, allowing you to add the perfect shade and lustre to your chosen design.

Choosing steel… as the custodian of your home’s heritage

Here in the UK, around 20% of our homes are more than 100 years old – stunning period buildings that embody the history of their long-gone eras.

Their enduring popularity with homeowners stems as much from their character and craftsmanship as it does from the build quality of the properties themselves, with traditional features commanding a premium price on the property market.

From the early 1800s, metalwork was a common feature of period staircases, seen in many homes of Regency, Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian times.

With many people looking to renovate or restore the best of these authentic historical details, we’ve seen a rise in the use of steel in our bespoke staircase renovations.

After all, what better way to add a sought-after touch of authenticity to the heart of your home and also add value for the future than with a beautifully crafted and sensitively designed staircase?

Choosing steel… as the perfect partner for natural materials

As seen in the latest collections from high-end interiors brands like Molteni and Bulthaup, sleek steel elements make a wonderful partner for the tactility and warmth of natural timbers.

This timeless combination works in a wide variety of hallway schemes, from the traditional to the contemporary.

The beauty of our bespoke staircase design service is that you can work closely with our talented experts and our wide range of quality materials to create a look that’s completely unique to you and your home.

Choosing a pared-back look for your steel staircase elements means you can introduce texture and decoration, without overpowering your design.

Incorporating slim spindles will allow the free flow of light, as will softer, more reflective finishes like gold, silver or brass.

Choosing steel… for maximum benefits with minimal maintenance

The visual beauty and versatility of steel is matched by its functional qualities – its long-lasting durability, and of course its ease of maintenance.

While indisputably beautiful, both painted finishes and glass require more regular upkeep and frequent cleaning and polishing to preserve their pristine looks.

By choosing slim spindles, a steel staircase design can combine the best of both.

Offering the lustre and decorous feel of paint, and the free-flowing light and spaciousness of glass, you need only wipe over your steel staircase to return it to its very best – making it a brilliant choice for those who prefer less maintenance work.

Discover more of our beautiful bespoke steel staircases here, or request your free design consultation with one of our experts here.