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Introducing Our Steel Staircase Design

For many homes, the staircase is the first thing we see on arrival. It has the potential to be a beautiful architectural feature of the home; a real statement of our personal style and interior decor. At Neville Johnson we believe the hallway and staircase is a fantastic opportunity to create the ultimate first impression for visitors and guests, and our newest design is no exception!

Introducing our newest steel staircase renovation, this beautiful solution features our unique Opus balustrade.

The Opus design has been intelligently constructed out of solid steel into unique panels, which are then set into a solid wood base. This striking design is finished in a beautiful copper-coated paint with a traditional oak timber base.

Inspired by modern architecture, the light graphic of the design and balustrade combined creates beautiful shadows when the space is flooded with natural light. This ensures this part of the home is bright, airy and welcoming as soon as you walk through the front door.

It’s important to not be afraid when mixing materials, using metal within a staircase design can work just as well in an ultra-modern space as it can in a more traditional setting. Subtle wood finishes, such as the dark wood used in this design helps to add warmth to the space.

Our talented designer, James Murray turned the client’s wonderfully bright and spacious hallway into a carefully curated focal point of the home which complimented the existing beautiful architecture.

The main idea of the design was to replicate the three beautiful bay windows on the half landing by including three Opus panels on that corresponding section. The high ceilings and masses of natural light also meant that we could afford to create a bold balustrade design using copper coated steel and a stunning dark oak. The end result is a truly beautiful staircase design that compliments the client’s home and creates a real wow-factor when entering the home.” – James Murrary, Senior Designer.

The u-shaped layout of the staircase works hand in hand with the unique Opus design leading your eye up to the first level of the home. Constructed out of forged steel and powder coated with a matte copper finish, the bold steel spindles allow natural light to pass through them, ensuring the staircase takes centre stage without darkening the hallway.

If you’re considering a steel staircase renovation which compliments natural toned wood, there are plenty of design options to explore. From modern designs, to those that lean to being more traditional, there is something for everyone. Each of our staircase designs are entirely bespoke and engineered to fit even awkward spaces with millimetre perfect precision.

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