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Our Beautifully Crafted Libro Steel Staircase Design

staircase design

As our homes become more open plan and solid walls give way to lighter, brighter spaces, staircases are following suit. Where once they were functional, essential structures that simply led us from floor to floor, are now statements of style; works of art; talking points of the modern home. Take our new Libro steel staircase design.

Neville Johnson steel staircase design

Libro Steel Staircase

A case in point is the trend for an iron and steelwork staircase design. Inspired by exterior ironwork railings, these designs revel in their simplicity. Iron and steelwork staircases beautifully complement contemporary hallways yet blend seamlessly with classic interiors. They can be dressed up or down. Metal is a universal material; hard wearing, long-lasting and chic; comfortable in its own skin. Brushed steel spindles and balustrades meld marvellously with glass for a minimalist look that enhances a hallway’s size.

Steel staircase renovation

Libro Steel Staircase

Ironwork combined with oak stairs is a classic combination that is transformational in any setting. Whether you are looking for a feature staircase design for a home renovation, a talking point for your hallway, or an open plan staircase in a living area, oak and steel combined with quality craftsmanship will last a lifetime. The trend for open plan stairs is less fashion fad, more style statement, ensuring a design that will blend timelessly with interior decor decisions, for years to come.

The ironwork seen in our Libro staircase is subtle yet eye-catching, unobtrusive yet show-stopping. Integrated lighting set into or underneath steps can be a stunning addition as well as a practical feature. Staircases are no longer simply functional. In the 21st century home, staircases are expertly made to make a wonderful first impression.

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