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Simple Steps to Help You Boost Productivity When Working From Home

Many of us dream about working from home, and there are a number of advantages. You won’t have an uncomfortable commute on crowded public transport or have to sit bumper to bumper in heavy traffic. You may find it easier to juggle childcare around your working hours and, without the distractions of an office, you may find you can concentrate more easily on your work.

But without a strict start and end time to your day, being at home can make it harder to get motivated. After all, if you’re working at your kitchen table, it’s all too easy to pop the kettle on and take five. If you’re working on a laptop on your sofa, it might be tempting to switch on the TV or take a sneaky peek at social media if no-one’s looking over your shoulder. We’ve got a few tips to help you to get motivated, stay focused and prevent your professional world spilling over into your family space.

Modern Study

Modern Study

1. Create a dedicated work space

Is there a place in your home that you can use as your working ‘hub’? Maybe there’s an unused nook in your lounge or dining room that’s the perfect size for a desk? Furniture that’s specially made to perfectly fit the dimensions of your home can transform neglected spaces into useful places. If you have space under the stairs, a spare box room or even a spacious hall or landing, it’s amazing how a bespoke solution could transform the way you work from home – all it takes is a little imagination and practical application.

Dual Office Space

Dual Office Space

2. See the light

No-one wants to work in a dark and gloomy corner so think about spotlights, skylights and desk lamps to brighten up your work area. Positioning desks away from windows reduces the risk of sunlight reflecting on your computer screen and avoids creating an annoying glare. Placing a pot plant close to your desk can help you feel more connected to nature and diffuses the intrusion of technology into your living space.

3. Say ‘no’ to distractions

Sometimes, when friends and family think you’re working from home, they may be tempted to drop in for a cup of tea or call for a chat. It’s a good idea to make it clear from the start that you are still working and that ‘office rules’ apply. Close the door when you’re working and open it when your professional day is over. Sticking to boundaries like these also makes it easier to separate your working world from your home life so neither feels as though it’s being intruded upon.

Inspired Understairs Study

Inspired Understairs Study

4. Tidy is as tidy does

Bespoke open and closed storage with stylish shelving and drawer space for your professional paraphernalia can help you to hide away your working day at 5pm. A clutter-free space helps you to feel more organised and productive, and if you have a dedicated space for everything, it’s easier to keep your office area tidy.

5. Give your screen eyes a breather

When you’re working from home you’re not likely to run into someone for a quick chat by the water cooler; nor will you be taking 10 minutes away from your desk to do a cake run or make tea for the team. These valuable breaks during the day give your eyes a ‘screen rest’. Set an alarm on your phone and look away from the screen at regular intervals – every 20 minutes is advised. Look out of the window or catch up on paperwork instead. Don’t forget to keep a glass of water by your desk to sip at regular intervals and make sure you still take at least 30 minutes’ lunch break. You will feel more refreshed and productive during the second half of the day.

Working from home

Avalon Home Office

6. You have the technology to succeed

It’s essential to have a good internet connection so make sure you have a WIFI booster to strengthen the signal – especially if you’re using a space that’s a long way from your router or if other people are using it as well. Make sure you have a well-stocked stationery cupboard, a working printer, phone charging points close to your desk and a good mobile signal. Being well-equipped provides peace of mind and allows you to work efficiently. Bespoke furniture solutions specially created for professionals working from home will consider your technology needs and ‘future proof’ your working space. It can also be designed to conceal trailing wires and hide heavy technology such as printers when they’re not being used.

7. Make yourself at home

Did you know that scents can give your energy levels a gentle boost and potentially increase your productivity? Essential oils such as invigorating peppermint or refreshing grapefruit can create a conducive environment. Try placing diffuser sticks near to your desk, light a scented candle or pop a potted herb such as stimulating rosemary or mint on your nearest windowsill.

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