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Overlooked to Opulent Luxe: What To Consider When Transforming Your Forgotten Spaces

Set the big design projects aside, as for now, it’s all about creating unexpected luxe within the small areas of your home. Halls, staircases and small spaces pose a massive opportunity for a makeover, and the smallest areas can garner the most pleasure in the day-to-day, as well as make a great first impression on any visitors you may have.

Transforming a forgotten space into a grand feature need not require extensive work, but it’s planning and design that must be carefully considered to ensure it becomes an unexpected and glamorous feature in your home. The combination of a few key elements, outlined below, will elevate this space into something spectacular that is worth investing in.

Opulent Art

Art pieces are a great way to infuse your personality into a space. Art will set the tone for your space and create unexpected charm.

When working on an area typically used as a walkway from one room to another, making the space more experiential is pivotal in creating a luxury moment. Art which stimulates a response of awe will contribute to a feeling of opulence.

The Key to Luxe Lighting

The placement of your lighting can alter the feeling of a room entirely, and used correctly, it can have a grand effect. Smaller spotlights can be placed in areas such as the stairs, creating a look which invites you up them. They could also be used subtly to highlight any art that you have on display, creating an accent which immediately draws the eye.

If you are looking for something a little more show-stopping, opt for statement lighting to transform the space. A statement chandelier is a great option to add luxury within an open plan hallway. Creating glamour and intrigue, chandeliers can be traditional or take a modern twist and can renew a space with a lavish finish.

Balancing Colour and Texture

Colour must be taken into account at every step in order for all elements to align and create an impactful experience within the home. Using a mix of dark and light colours creates a rich equilibrium, dark adds depth whilst light brings a sense of space. An easy way to infuse a luxe feel with colour is by exploring metallic elements, perhaps in your staircase. Using metallic textures in small amounts is endlessly impactful, and cultivates a lavish feel.

Adding a range of textures is also important and can be done through ornamental objects, wallpapers, attractive storage solutions, and textiles in rugs and on the stairs. There is endless room for experimentation here, and opting for textures which draw you into the space, without causing any clashes.

Bringing The Outside In

Nothing elevates a room more than the introduction of plants or flowers, symbolic of the care that has been taken in this previously forgotten space. A fresh bouquet can be the perfect finishing touch for any space, adding in some simple beauty, and infusing a fresh scent to the area. They also add a layer of colour and texture and create an eye-catching contrast when set amongst rich materials. Naturally perfect for creating balance, they can also make great centrepieces.

Transforming these commonly forgotten areas within our homes could mean that just a few simple yet impactful additions can really elevate the space to one of glamour and luxe. For more guidance on revamping the forgotten spaces in your home, speak to one of our design experts today. Or simply download a free brochure to begin your journey with Neville Johnson today.