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Reasons Why Working from Home Could Be Good for Your Wellbeing

Imagine not having to work to the clock every day. Imagine your mornings aren’t spent in traffic or public transport. Imagine having the flexibility to do your job and everything else you need to do to achieve a perfect work-life balance. Working from home can be liberating and enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing.

modern study

Modern Study

As more and more of us spend less time in the office, creating a dedicated workspace at home makes sense. Having a corner of your home exclusively for your professional life frees up the rest of your home for family time and relaxation. It could also add real value to your property as buyers can benefit from the options a home office will give them.

Here are a few of our favourite reasons why working from home is good for your wellbeing:

Up Your Productivity

If you’re not having to sit on public transport or inside an air-conditioned office with many others, you’re less likely to be exposed to the bugs and viruses that make us ill. In the long-term, if you’re fit and healthy, you’ll spend less time off and increase your productivity levels.

understairs study

Inspired Understairs Study

You’ll Be More Focused

In an office, you have to listen to other peoples’ chatter and even their music. Your boss might find it easier to interrupt you if you’re in front of them – and will be less likely to call you if you’re working from home. These distractions can have an impact on your concentration levels and stop you from having high-quality thoughts.

A dedicated home office space in a spare room or a quiet corner is somewhere you can work in peace. If you live with others, you can make it a house rule not to disturb you if you are at your desk.

contempoary loft study

Contemporary Loft Study

You Can Make Time for Diet and Exercise

If you’re working from home, you can probably add two hours to your day simply by avoiding the commute to the office. You can use this time to be active; take an exercise class, go to the gym or walk the dog. Doing something active rather than sitting in traffic is a healthier way to start the day, wake up your mind and improve wellbeing.

Also, when you’re at home, you’ll be more likely to eat something healthy from your fridge rather than buy an expensive ready-made sandwich or takeaway for lunch. So working from home could benefit your pocket and your waistline too.


You’ll Avoid Office Gossip

Gossip and office politics can be a huge drain on our mental resources and wellbeing, yet every office seems to have its fair share. When working from home, you’re less likely to get caught up in the political side of working life, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Your Stress Levels Drop

When working from home, you are less likely to be ruled by the clock – start times, lunchtimes, home times, meeting times. At home, you’ll be able to take proper breaks at times that feel natural to you. For example, you may work through the traditional lunchtime but take a break mid-afternoon to go for a swim, walk the dog, or pick up the kids. Stress levels drop when you’re working in a happy, focused and relaxed environment. This can be improved by the way your home office is arranged. A bespoke solution means you can design your cabinetry to meet your needs; it can be finished in a colour and texture of your choice, your desk could be positioned to face your favourite view, and you can opt to close it off at the end of the working day. All of these will help to enhance your wellbeing while you work.

dual office space

Dual Office Space

You’ll ‘Feel Green’

By avoiding the commute, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a small contribution, but if everybody could ‘telecommute’ a few times a week, our planet will reap the benefits in the long run.

dual office space

Dual Office Space

Work from Home in Partnership with Your Partner

Research shows that flexible working patterns are good for marriages and family life. The rule is that there should be a dedicated area for work and the rest of the home is for family. There is also an opportunity to create proper ‘family time’ because ‘working late at the office’ is no longer something you’d do many miles away. If your partner also works from home, creating dual workstations is an excellent idea. Each workstation can be designed around the individual but will have a visual flow to it that would connect the workspaces and enhance the existing interior design of the home.

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