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Glass Staircase Inspiration: Our Most Popular Client Designs

Glass staircases are an ever-popular choice amongst our clients. The versatility of glass means that it goes with almost any complimenting material and your options for design are just about endless.

With a little creative imagination from our leading design experts, a new glass staircase solution can breathe new life into any space. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite glass staircase solutions to get you inspired.

Cut String Glass Balustrade

This beautiful cut-string glass balustrade design is a wonderful example of how bespoke a Neville Johnson staircase can be. Cut with expert precision to suit the exact specification of the space, the brushed steel clamps and oak newel posts add a modern twist to a timeless design.

As the hallway space is smaller and natural light isn’t in abundance, glass is the perfect material to open up the stairway and allow the space to feel as big and bright as possible.

Glass Spindles

The slim glass spindle balustrade here is our unique design Mondrian. For those looking for a glass staircase solution with more of a design twist, this style is a perfect fix. Inspired by luxury minimalism, this glass staircase features in-line glass and elegant timber detail.

Natural light floods the hallway and reflecting from the spindle panels to create a timeless focal point for your home.

Asymmetrical Glass Panels

Sleek glass paneling is an excellent way to modernise a wooden staircase. The beauty of natural wood and glass combined works well no matter what the style of your home. These asymmetrical panels, while subtle, adds an element of luxury design that allows the hallway to become more than just a functional staircase.

Bifurcated Glass Staircase

If your staircase takes up a larger area of the home and extends right through to the upstairs landing, glass is the perfect material to open up the space and brighten up your hallway.

This bifurcated glass staircase is a stunning solution for the client who wanted the hallway and landing to become the heart of the home. The design lifts up the entire space and allows natural light to flow across all three floors.

If you need help planning your perfect glass staircase design, request a brochure online and browse our bespoke ideas. Or arrange your free design visit; our professional designers will assess your space and work closely with you to design your dream staircase.