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Mirrored Wardrobe Door Ideas to Amplify Space

One of the most effective ways to enhance your bedroom is installing mirrored wardrobe doors, reflecting natural light and space effortlessly.

Using mirrors this way has been a well-known secret of interior designers for decades. As well as being functional pieces of furniture for storing clothes, shoes, linens and more, mirrored wardrobes are also brilliant for adding depth to a room. Mirrors bounce both light and colour around a room. This lets them make a space appear higher and broader than it actually is.

All-mirrored wardrobes

There are so many different styles to choose from for bedroom wardrobes with mirrors. One of the most popular is all-mirrored wardrobes.

Wall-to-wall wardrobes can look great in larger bedrooms. If you’re working with a smaller space, consider mirrored doors to elevate your room and create a statement. Our mirrored wardrobes can be tailor-made to suit your space, so you can enjoy beautifully made-to-measure fitted wardrobes that suit your home.

Sliding mirror closet doors

If you have a small bedroom or a loft room, mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors only help maximise your light without taking up space. Sliding wardrobe doors won’t swing out into your space, so you can place chairs, plants or other items close to your storage without them being in the way. They’re also perfect for installing underneath eaves or for fitting into awkward gaps in rooms with odd dimensions.

Made-to-measure mirrored wardrobe doors

If you think mirrored wardrobes are right for your home, make the most of your space by going bespoke. Choose from mirror panels that blend seamlessly with white painted walls, opt for a classic look with bifold mirror closet doors.

You could also play around with your interiors and choose something that will become a key design feature in your bedroom. Pick out a mirrored finish with an unusual shape or break up your doors with a whole grid of square mirrors.

fitted wardrobe

If you need more inspiration, explore our portfolio of s that can be configured to fit your unique space. Why not design your dream boutique dressing room or go for a colour pop with our pink fitted wardrobes with mirrored panels on every door?

Browse our entire collection of fitted bedroom furniture finishes and start planning your bespoke mirrored wardrobe style. You could also request a free visit from our design consultants or see our products for yourself at your nearest Neville Johnson showroom.