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Made-To-Measure Fitted Wardrobes

Your bedroom should be a haven of peace and tranquillity. It’s where you wind down and relax at the end of a busy day. The reality is, bedrooms often lack appropriate storage, which means clothes and everyday clutter is often stacked in a heap, creating a stressful environment. Creating a tranquil bedroom where you wake up feeling refreshed could be as simple as investing in bespoke fitted wardrobes or discreet storage in otherwise unused areas. So why not take five minutes to read about what can be achieved with bespoke fitted bedroom furniture.

fitted wardrobe 1

The Henley Bedroom

Fitted Wardrobes – Created and Crafted for You

If your bedroom has an unusual layout, or architectural features that can’t be removed such as large windows or sloping ceilings, stand-alone wardrobes aren’t the answer. A one-size-fits-all solution will leave gaps at the sides and overhead, creating ‘dead space’. Your home deserves a bespoke fitted wardrobe solution that will be cleverly designed to create additional space.

Our designers can see opportunities in a room where others may see challenges. For example, a sloping ceiling could be the perfect way to create storage for items you don’t use every day, such as suitcases or hat boxes. If you have particularly high ceilings, a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling solution could create a sense of balance as well as an opportunity to maximise every inch of space. Best of all, they will be beautifully made with an exquisite finish to complement your personal taste and the style of your home.

fitted wardrobe 2

The Henley Bedroom

We Design with You in Mind

At Neville Johnson, we know no two rooms are the same, which is why we’re happy to visit you in your own home to discuss design ideas. During the design visit, we’ll look at the size and shape of your home and find out what you want your fitted wardrobes to do. It’s incredible how unusual spaces and a conversation can inspire our designers’ imaginations.

If you have a lot of formal wear, you may require hanging space with rails high enough to ensure that hems don’t trail on the wardrobe floor. If you have accessories such as scarves and ties, you may want storage that will accommodate every item. We can configure any storage solution to suit you, including discreet storage for essential items, or specially-made open shelving for your prized possessions or favourite accessories. If you don’t have a great deal of space between the fitted wardrobe and the bed, a sliding door is a great space-saving solution.

fitted wardrobe 3

Bespoke Dressing Room

Walk-In Wardrobes

You may consider transforming a spare room into a dressing room, or you may be renovating a house to include a master bedroom dressing area. Walk-in fitted wardrobes free up the main bedroom and make it look and feel more spacious. Because each design is bespoke and original to your home, it is made-to-measure with millimetre precision. Our designers will embrace every architectural feature, and if they can’t disguise it or include it, they will work around it. Every inch of a walk-in fitted wardrobe has a purpose such as a jewellery chest, a makeup cabinet, shoe racks, a handbag shelf. Whatever you tell us you want, we’ll make sure that every item you own fits perfectly into place.

Colours and Wood Finishes

We have an almost endless selection of colours and finishes. It means you won’t be restricted when it comes to choice. If you see a particular design, but you want it in a dusky pink finish – you can have it. If you want crystal handles or a honeycomb finish, they’re yours. The combinations available ensure that the fitted wardrobes that we create will be exclusive to you and your home. Depending on how experimental you would like to be, you can opt for different door colours, backboards or even mix wood finishes with paint.

fitted wardrobe 4

Contemporary Willow Bedroom

Fitted Wardrobe Door Designs

The size and shape of your bedroom will influence the style of door that you choose. If you want to maximise your space, sliding doors are a great option – include a mirrored door, and you’ll immediately benefit from the illusion of more space and light in your room.

fitted wardrobe 5

The Henley Bedroom

Customise the Interior of Your Fitted Wardrobe

There are several ways to customise the inside of your fitted wardrobe so that each item has an accessible and tidy storage space.

Open Storage

Being able to see what you have saves time when you’re getting ready. Hand-painted open compartments or glass-fronted shelves are perfect for shoes and handbags. Sweaters and neatly folded T-shirts can be seen at a glance even if they’re at the bottom of the stack, encouraging you to wear the items more often. Add integrated lighting to give your room a glamorous glow after-dark.

Pull out Storage Racks

By incorporating a pull-out storage system, you can ensure your favourites are easily accessible and never forgotten. Pull-out storage is also a smart way to store items higher up as it can also be pulled down for easy reaching.

fitted wardrobe 6

The Henley Bedroom

Integrated Lighting

Show off the shine and sparkle of polished shoes, jewelled accessories or even your treasured ornaments with integrated LED lighting. The correct lighting creates a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere – the ideal mood-setter when you’re getting ready for a special occasion.

Hidden Shoe Carousel and Tie Rack

Ensures clutter-free living – and no shoes lying on your floor space.

fitted wardrobe 7

The Henley Bedroom

Partitioned Drawers. Trinket drawers are designed to not only store your favourite jewellery and treasured items, but also to display them in an aesthetically pleasing way with expertly designed dividers.

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The Henley Bedroom

Bespoke Vanity Mirror

Include details such as a beautifully illuminated vanity mirror. It can cleverly conceal storage such as glass shelving for cosmetics, skincare and haircare – keeping the clutter to a minimum. Incorporating a vanity area in your fitted wardrobes is an innovative use of space as it allows you to get ready, from hair to toe, in one place. Putting a door over the vanity area also allows you to close it off when you’re not using it.

Watch our fitted dressing room transformation video to explore some of these features.

Bespoke Dressing Room

Handy Hints to Keep Your Fitted Wardrobes Organised

For more details about bespoke fitted wardrobes click for a brochure or book a free no-obligation design visit today.

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