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Make the Most of the Space You Have with Smart Storage Solutions

There’s a saying that goes ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and it never rings more true than if you’re looking to extend your living space, or make the most of what you’ve got. All of us dream of having a little more room at home from time to time. An extra bedroom maybe, or just some smart storage solutions in the ones we already have? Perhaps you’re thinking about putting an unused basement or attic to good use, or there’s an awkward corner of a room that could be used for something that’s useful; like an office space or somewhere for the kids to do their homework?

Modern Home Office

Sometimes moving home or extending upwards or outwards may seem like the only option. If you’re thinking about calling the estate agents, there may be simpler, more affordable solutions to hand.

Storage is something many homes lack these days, and without it, a home can feel so much smaller. Let’s face it, we all have loads of ‘stuff’. But there are amazing ways to reign in your rooms and reorganise the clutter. For example, home office solutions can fit neatly into an alcove or under the stairs and hide all of the paperwork that often gets piled into a kitchen drawer or onto the dining room table. Beautiful bedrooms can be planned around you – and your shoe collections! And kitchen storage just gets cleverer by the day – with drawer spaces and cabinets that make every busy, family kitchen look like a statement of unrushed style.

Before you get started, we’ve some hints and tips that’ll help you to decide what your home needs – and how a cleverly-planned, space-enhancing transformation could add real value to your home.

1. Think about what your home needs. And why.
2. Do you have a large unused dining room and a small kitchen? Moving rooms around can help make your home feel larger.
3. Do you really need a 3rd loo upstairs? Would it serve you better as a dressing room or an office space?
4. Use platforms like Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and to help you plan exactly what you need.
5. Think about your budget. For example, do you really need to extend your home or can you make better use of the space you already have?
6. A well-considered home renovation could add thousands to its value and be more cost-effective than moving: Open up spaces by taking down walls or think about converting basements or attics.

Lounge Smart Storage Solutions

Peninsula units are perfect for larger living areas. They can create subtle segregation and are ideal places to display artwork and photographs. If you want a home cinema solution, think about mounting the TV on the wall with the wires discreetly stored away behind built-in furniture.
If you don’t have a large area to work with, there are many ways to amplify the sense of space.

Create zones. If you want a quiet space when the kids are watching TV, why not create a cosy reading corner with bespoke bookshelves and armchair, this way there’s a separate sanctuary away from the larger social seating area. Fireplace alcoves or awkward corners are great for built-in storage and shelving.

Add Some ‘Wow’ Factor with a Loft Conversion

 Spacious Loft Home Office

Your loft could be transformed into whatever you want it to be; a cinema room, a home study/ snug or a luxurious master bedroom complete with en-suite and a dressing room. Things to consider include skylights, structural reinforcements, a staircase, lighting, heating and fire safety. If your loft has awkward architectural features such as sloping ceilings and wooden beams bespoke made-to-measure furniture can be built in-situ to meet your exact requirements ensuring no space is wasted. Creating floor-to-ceiling storage maximises your room’s potential, giving it instant style and purpose.

Organised Bedroom Solutions

 Bespoke Dressing Room

Creating storage can seem an impossible task – especially when you’ve lived in a space for a while. This is because you stop seeing a room’s potential and start seeing its limitations. An expert designer can bring a fresh eye to your home and find opportunities that are sometimes difficult to spot. Every inch of your room will be maximised; floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Even quirky architectural features like ornamental windows, alcoves, sloping ceilings and chimney breasts can be included within the design. There’s an old saying that goes ‘buy in a rush, buy twice’, so take your time, plan what you need and our designers can help you to transform your bedroom from ‘boo-hoo!’ to boutique.

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