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Make Your Smallest Spaces Work As Hard As You Do


There’s no getting around it. All of us need to work from home in peace and quiet from time to time. Whether it’s getting to grips with our daily admin and emails or the kids doing their homework. claims that a third of us work from home at least once a week and according to the Office for National Statistics (GB), the number of self-employed people in the UK rose to 4.8 million in 2017.

So, a designated space where we can work without being disturbed is a place to aspire to. Because we don’t always use desktop computers, having a whole room dedicated to work is a bit of a luxury. However, there’s still a need for somewhere to hook up our laptops, focus and be more productive.


This is where multi-functional spaces come into their own. When a space is dedicated to just one particular use it becomes less practical so instead of tying up an entire room to do just one task why not transform it into a more fluid space that can have a number of different uses?

It’s amazing how closet spaces, the area under the stairs or awkward alcoves can be transformed into work stations. Clever planning can make the most of the tightest corners and can even add value to your home. Once you have a bespoke place to work with individually designed storage you’ll have a place to hide away your paperwork, store your tech, plug sockets and other professional paraphernalia, so once your work day is over your space becomes part of your home once more. It’s all about achieving balance – albeit a stylishly practical one.

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