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Introducing Our Newest Design: The Hidden Home Study

With most of us adapting to new normality and office work becoming more entwined in our everyday home lives, a dedicated workspace has never been more in demand. Since not all residences boast supplementary rooms that can be transformed into a private home office, with bespoke furniture even the smallest nooks can be utilised to create a productive study area that can be concealed within a stylish scheme.

Introducing our newest design, this hidden home study has been created to allow you to separate your work and home life effortlessly. Featuring a hideaway ‘hot desk’ and ample additional storage that can be stowed behind elegant cabinetry. Both timeless and chic, this design is perfect for those seeking a minimalist luxury home office solution.

Compact Living 

With space-saving at the heart of this initial concept, our designers are experts in ensuring the plights of home working never take control of the room.

Boasting plenty of workspace when needed and integrated storage to allow unsightly cables and messy papers to be hidden away, this home study enables you to pack everything up at the end of your workday, so your study space is transformed back into a relaxing haven.

Featuring our graceful Calletto doors; once closed, a stunning design feature sitting seamlessly against the wall, once opened, the space is instantly transformed into your dedicated home study.

The beauty of bespoke means your compact home office can be built to the exact size of your room. Our designers ensure that every feature has a purpose, making the space minimal and uncomplicated whilst still maintaining its grandeur. A multi-functional solution that is perfect for today’s work-from-home needs.

Bespoke Colours and Finishes

It’s no design secret that dark interiors are being embraced in more of our homes, a sophisticated moody palette can transform a room into a real style statement.

Seen here featuring colours unique to Neville Johnson, external cabinets are painted in a beautiful deep green that perfectly complements the soft blush pink internal doors.

“We chose a soft mix of shades for this particular design that allows the furniture to be a stylish feature while disguising its practical purpose. The splash of Parroso Pewter as a backdrop, complements our unique paint colours Nostalgia and Inky Sky, creating a contemporary vibe that will sit comfortably in any property.”

Blending superbly together, these colour combinations perfectly exhibit the innovative imagination of our expert designers. Once complete, a bespoke handcrafted design that is not only pleasing to the eye but a statement piece in any room, large or small.

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