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Introducing Our Latest Bespoke Furniture Range, the Wentworth Collection

The influences and solid principles of traditional shaker style are never far-away in the best quality, handcrafted cabinetry. The symmetrical aesthetic of shaker design is universally recognised in the world of bespoke furniture and while it was historically confined to the kitchen, its timeless design tenets can be stylishly adapted to work in any room.

Our new Wentworth Collection embraces traditional shaker style in its sleek lines and solid, high-quality finish. Contemporary in attitude, this concept boasts tasteful simplicity and individually specified, made-to-measure features that will meet the demands of any room. The Wentworth can be finished in a choice of paint colours, many of which are exclusive to Neville Johnson.

 Bespoke Furniture, Shaker Style Fitted Wardrobes

Shaker Style Fitted Wardrobes

Luxury Home Office

Bespoke furniture can make working from home seem almost effortless. With work stations and storage solutions designed to meet your every need, a home office can give your working day a real boost. Our new Wentworth Collection can be beautifully adapted to create a shaker style study that has all of your storage needs covered. With a mixture of open and closed storage, every item has a place of its own; freeing up the rest of your home from ‘professional clutter’.

Because our furniture is bespoke, everything is handcrafted to meet your individual needs from the size of the cabinetry to the number of drawers and shelves. You can personalise the finish too. We love the soft Sorrel shade chosen for this home office design as paler colours have a calming effect in working environments. This palette is stylish and enhances the room’s existing architecture and interior design.

 Bespoke Furniture, Luxury Home Office

Luxury Home Office

Beautiful Bedroom

The Wentworth Collection responds to the demands of modern living. In bedrooms, it adapts to provide sleek, stylish storage, fitting flush to the wall. Even if your walls are uneven or rough, our expert craftsmen can achieve a perfect finish every time. Our designers can see opportunities that can only be realised with bespoke furniture in terms of maximising space. Even though you are increasing the amount of storage you have, bespoke furniture can actually make your bedroom look and feel larger. The versatility of the shaker design means that it will suit many interior schemes – it’s very rare that a typically traditional bedroom or an achingly modern room can benefit from the same collection, but the Wentworth makes this possible.

Beautiful Bedrooms

Blue Fitted Wardrobes

Contemporary Dressing Room

Every dressing room requires a sense of functional order without compromising on style – and dare we say it – glamour. The Wentworth design is an exquisite example of this, answering a growing demand for shaker style dressing rooms with ample storage for everything from evening wear to cosmetics; suits and ties to footwear. Hidden shelving with integrated lights help you to create a place for everything and find what you need with ease. Hanging space can be designed for the length of your clothes, giving you a personalised solution and the confidence that your items will be well-cared-for. Individual touches such as the Arlo handle, make sure this interpretation of the Wentworth design feels as good as it looks.

Contemporary Dressing Room

Contemporary Dressing Room

Creative Development Manager, Helen Reeks says:

“We observed an increase in clients enquiring about shaker-style cabinetry, which led us to consider its suitability as a bespoke furniture design around the home. We are fortunate that we can respond to this and fulfil the growing demand of the modern-day consumer looking to enhance their interior with beautiful, timeless style.”

Cool and calming in creamy tones or beautifully dramatic in confident dark colours. The Wentworth design can be finished in a choice of exclusive paint shades that will enhance the look, feel and mood of any room in your home.

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