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Interior Colour Trends Here to Stay in 2020

Some colours are timeless and come back year after year, others pop up and only stay in the limelight for a few seasons. Rather than being lost in the past, micro trends tend to evolve as we become more aware of the world around us. Reinvented over time, fresh and exciting new interior colour trends emerge, seeping into our interiors once again.

Now that new paint colours have been released by some of our favourite companies, and key design reports have been circulated we thought we’d pull together a few of our favourite interior colour trends set to be a huge hit in 2020.

Luxury Home Office

Luxury Home Office

Warm Earthy Tones

Cocoon yourself in warm, earthy tones, luxurious fabrics and natural materials with this harmonious scheme inspired by the handmade and slow living movement. Clay tones, terracotta, baked oranges and off whites make for striking combinations. Down to earth darker shades can be used as an accent colour to warm your interior, combine with light neutrals, raw finishes and dusky pinks for a stylish look. If you don’t want to paint your walls in a bold colour, then you can use natural textiles, artisan handmade objects or artwork to add a pop of colour to your interiors.

Colour Swatches 1

Ginger, Woodrush, Mayflower and Pebble are just a few of the stunning colours in our paint collection.

For a more eclectic palette, blend warm earthy tones with rich blues, charcoal greys or mossy greens. Using these shades can give your interior a Bauhaus inspired look when styled with the right furniture and decor.

Colour of the Year – Blue

Over the past couple of years, there have been a few prevailing interior colour trends, one that has been at the forefront of design is ‘blue hues’. There’s no surprise that Pantone chose ‘Classic Blue’ as the 2020 Colour of the Year. Classic Blue is a reflective blue tone that represents harmony, safety and stability as we cross over into a new era. Other tonal shades of blue are also filtering into our homes including inky blues which work perfectly with clay tones or mustard, and chalky shades which can work in mid-century modern, classic vintage or new nordic schemes.

Blue Fitted Wardrobes

Blue Fitted Wardrobes

Living with shades of blue in the home can help to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere, and even though blue is typically known as a cold colour, you can mix it with natural woods, neutrals, soft textures and ambient lighting to keep that cosy feeling.

Grounded Neutrals

Beige tones will replace brighter whites this year as we become more aware of sustainability and adopt a pared back look when it comes to our interior choices. These warmer takes on ‘classic white’ can help to create an inviting, restful retreat from the outside world.

Luxury Home Office

Luxury Home Office

Simple and understated, warming neutrals are a fantastic base to build on with accent colours and tactile textures. You can add interest with rugs, artwork, cushions and statement pieces of furniture. Raw materials or vintage pieces can also offset light neutral finishes creating a wonderfully homely feel. These neutral tones are also set to take on grey, which has been popular for many years now.

Reconnect With Nature Using Green

People have been taking inspiration from nature from the very beginning. That said, green will be a key colour group throughout 2020 with shades such as Tranquil Dawn, mossy greens, olive, dark fir green and neo mints being the ones to watch.

Tranquil Dawn from Dulux is a beautiful, versatile shade that has been inspired by the morning sky. Sitting somewhere between green, blue and grey, Tranquil Dawn can look stunning when combined with soft neutrals or a brighter palette. Dark greens are also fantastic for bringing the natural world into the home; you can combine these darker shades and layer with other greens such as olive and sage to create a moody yet cosy space.

Colour Swatches 2

We have a selection of stylish green shades to choose from including Inky Sky, Morning Mist, Sage and Eucalyptus.

Moody Hues

Searches for dark cabinetry and Scandi noir are definitely on the rise. Moodier colours can come in the form of deep greens, dark navy blues and powdered black. Introduce elegance and drama by painting walls in these rich shades or incorporate them into your scheme using luxurious velvet sofas, painted furniture or even a limewash accent wall.

If you’re painting your walls dark, you can create a nordic feel by using natural warm materials, matte finishes and textile textiles. For a more luxurious maximalist feel add metallic accessories, statement lighting and vibrant accent colours.

Request our free brochure to explore all of our stylish designs that showcase the very latest interior colour trends as well as the time-honoured skills of traditional craftsmen and imagination of our talented designers.

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