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Home Office Desk Ideas for a Productive Work Space

Many of us have adapted to working remotely, so finding a suitable work desk for home is essential to your comfort and productivity. It’s also important to choose a desk that complements your home design. This is where our bespoke service comes in, helping you create a state-of-the-art study that doesn’t disrupt your overall aesthetic.

Desk ideas for your home office

If you’re looking to develop a home office decor with a contemporary twist, choose desks in muted tones for a calming workspace. Alternatively, for a more dramatic statement, opt for a bold colour to make your office a feature. As the creator of the ‘original home office’, we also specialise in desks crafted in oak and walnut wood for more classic styles.

These are some of the best home office desk ideas for any space size. Whether you’re converting a spare bedroom, loft or garage or setting up a compact workstation in your living room. At Neville Johnson, our home office design ideas are made to measure, so you can make the most of every inch.

Home office desks with storage

Compared to freestanding desks, a built-in home office offers plenty of extra storage. Adding shelving, cupboards and drawers around your desk can elevate the functionality of any workspace, no matter how large or small. 

Choose a built-in desk with drawers to sit in an awkward alcove, providing a perfect area to organise paperwork. If you have lots of space to work with, why not transform an entire room with library shelving? Our designers can help you create a perfect home office to suit your home.

Understairs workspaces

Short on space? An under-stairs study is ideal. This often overlooked area is an excellent place to set up your home office, keeping work separate from your sleeping, leisure and social spaces. Plus, an understairs workspace means you won’t need to convert an entire room into your study.

Contemporary home office desks

There are many ways to improve the functionality and appearance of your home office. Curved cabinets add a softer finish, ideal for corner desks. Angled shelving and bespoke built-in cupboards can be added above the desk to maximise storage whilst adding a unique design feature to the space. This works particularly well for an under-stairs study or modern loft home office.

Considerate lighting

Brighten up your home office with integrated lighting. Under-cabinet lights are a discreet way to illuminate specific areas of your workstation. When choosing this type of lighting, you won’t need to use valuable desk space to accommodate a lamp.

Make your home office work for you

Does your home office double up as a lounge or reception room for entertaining guests? Install a wall-mounted TV on the shelving above your desk. Alternatively, use the shelves to display books, photographs, artworks and other trinkets.

Why not build a hidden bar into your cabinets for a fun, contemporary feature in dual-purpose spaces? Sliding doors conceal the area during the day, letting you switch between business and pleasure in seconds.

At Neville Johnson, our contemporary home office desks have unique design features, like sliding and push-front cabinet doors. Enjoy a unique, modern workspace with added functionality. Our bespoke designs can be made in over 60 materials and finishes, so your workspace can become a striking design feature.